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7suns Constant Bronze Accelerator Butter 250ml

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7suns Constant Bronze Accelerator Butter 20ml 7suns Constant Bronze Accelerator Butter 250ml

Short Description

  • the smoothing light butter formula will delight customers with dry skin;

  • green caviar extract (source of vitamins A, C, E) provides intensive skin hydration - up to 24 hours;

  • the Tan Synergy technology (making its debut in this series) guarantees a deeper, darker and longer lasting tan;

  • additionally: enhances the colour of tattoos;

  • charm your Customers with the blue colour of the lotion!

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7suns Constant Bronze Accelerator Butter 250 ml

Tanning Synergy Technology - 3 in 1

The unique technology used for the first time in the Constant Bronze series means the synergy (a unique and strengthening combination) of three ingredients:

  • UV rays;
  • a complex of ingredients that stimulate natural melanogenesis (skin pigmentation);
  • The complex used in this product is called MelanoBlend IONS - it is an active biomimetic combination of tyrosine and magnesium and manganese ions.
  • and a completely new blend of emollients (which transport the active ingredients to the skin more effectively than ever before).

Together, these three elements achieve much more! A deeper and longer-lasting tan than ever before!

Tanning Power: 100X

Gradual and Uniform Effects

The tan is built up gradually, but on solid and well-thought-out foundations. Deeply nourished and hydrated skin acquires a healthy and beautiful golden color. After a few tanning sessions with Constant Bronze, the tan is amazing: the skin looks rejuvenated and the tan is uniform and incredibly long-lasting!

Like a cloudless blue sky...

The scent of this light butter will quickly win the hearts of many customers. The original combination of pineapple, blueberries, and a floral note of gardenia is extremely refreshing and evokes memories of lazy days at the beach. The color of the cosmetic resembles a blue holiday sky... A tanning session with this light butter truly helps to completely forget about daily worries!

Fragrance: fruity-exotic

Lotion color: light blue

New Color Depth for Your Tattoos

The cosmetic contains the TATTOO ENHANCER complex. It is an original blend of emollients and tattoo care oils that enhance the color of tattoos.

Hydration for up to 24 hours

Green caviar is a unique type of algae composed of shiny microbeads. In addition to the intriguing name, it can boast of surprising action:

  • it is a rich source of vitamins A, C, and E, proteins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements;
  • it attracts and retains water like a sponge, providing intensive hydration and softening the skin (up to 24 hours).

Soothing for Dry and Tired Skin

The nourishing effect is provided by a combination of natural oils:

  • avocado oil: excellent for nourishing the skin thanks to its high content of fatty acids and vitamins A, E, and D. It effectively protects against water loss from the epidermis.
  • olive oil: thanks to the content of vitamin E, it has an antioxidant effect and rebuilds the skin's natural protective barrier.
  • shea butter: conditions and regenerates.

Although it is a "butter," it is quickly absorbed and only leaves a light and pleasant sensation on the skin. The acrylic will remain dry and clean!

Protection against photoaging

The secret to a healthy tan? Modern skin protection, in two ways.

  • First, the MelanoBlend IONS used in the cosmetic protects fibroblasts and prevents the formation of the so-called sunburn cells, which, for example, have an impact on the faster appearance of skin aging signs.
  • Second, the cosmetic contains a rejuvenating combination of vitamin E (probably the biggest mega-star of the "anti-aging scene") and green tea extract (a true free radical killer).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer7suns Cosmetics
Cosmetic seriesConstant Bronze
Application areaWhole body
Mode of actionAccelerating formula
Capacity (ml)250 ml
Dedicated forUnisex
Special useHighly moisturising
Mass colorBlue
ScentFruity, Tropical


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