--> 100% acrylic safe tanning oil: it's possible!

100% acrylic safe tanning oil: it's possible!

  • A client tanning using a tanning oil or (even worse!) baby oils can be a nuisance for many tanning salon owners.
  • No wonder: most of these products leave marks that are difficult to remove and require longer cleaning of the acrylics.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to use aggressive cleaning agents that can damage the acrylic plate!
  • Fortunately: it doesn't have to be like this!
  • Find out why Gold & Glow dry tanning oil is a unique cosmetic that you can trust in 100%.
  • Check out our promotion & see for yourself that your customers will not return to heavier oils…

#1 Designed for the solarium

Many of the oils used by salon customers are formulas that were firstly created for sunbathing. Some of them were later used in indoor tanning cosmetics, but without taking into account the specific needs of sunbeds. Products such as Shine Brown, Fox Tan or Australian Gold Tanning Oil are popular and good cosmetics ... but are better suited for sunbathing on the beach!

It is different with the Gold & Glow elixir: at the stage of developing its composition, it was clear that the cosmetic would be used in tanning salons. The goal was to create a cosmetic:

  • with a light and fast absorbing formula;
  • leaving no greasy film on the skin;
  • easily washable from the acrylic plate.

Target achieved! G&G absorbs before the client lies down on the acrylic base - which is way faster than with many lotions.

#2 Recommended by thousands of salons

The cosmetic has been on the market since 2014 and it is present in salons in Europe (including Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Great Britain) and all around the world. This has been one of the 7suns bestsellers for years. Salon owners appreciate it for clean acrylics, and their clients - for dry clothes, without greasy traces!

#3 No more photoaging!

On the market you will also find other cosmetics which accelerate tanning and are safe for acrylic plates: e.g. Ultra Oil from Power Tan.

However, Gold&Glow offers much more:

  • based on natural oils (including musk rose), plant extracts (including rosemary leaf extract) and vitamin E;
  • contains the strongest retinoid with anti-aging effect and removes the effects of photoaging of the skin;
  • reduces discolorations, the skin becomes more elastic, firm and smooth with each use!

#4 Just a few drops… Gives maximum effect

The packaging most often chosen by customers are 5.7 ml vials. It is so efficient that one vial is enough to cover the whole body. The effects are visible from the first session. How is this possible?

Gold & Glow contains MelanoBlend - a mix of natural ingredients, accelerating the appearance of a long-lasting tan. MelanoBlend works for many hours after applying the elixir to the skin and deepens its colour. This is one of the most powerful tanning accelerators from 7suns!

Show your customers Gold & Glow and you'll quickly find out that they won't come back to other body oils…

We have prepared a special offer for you. The promotional package includes:

  • 60x Gold & Glow dry tanning oil 5.7 ml
  • 1x display facilitating the sale (dimensions: 190 x 78 x 17mm, holds 22 vials) FOR FREE.