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K9S from megaSun: a spacious novelty, rich inside

You can read this article in 5 minutes. You will learn:

  • how the new megaSun sunbed differs from other K series devices and other popular models on the market;
  • what innovations the K9S can boast of;
  • why can we boldly call it the King of Relaxation?

Cube as always in the K series - but this time in an enlarged version!

After the undoubted success of the K series (especially the K7 and K7S models), KBL has another novelty for us: the K9S. And although the shape looks familiar, this time everything is ... bigger. Much bigger! K9S is an exceptionally high cube. The modern shape houses a comfortable and spacious interior with a wide couch. This time, every customer will be able to comfortably relax and take a breath. Every centimeter has been carefully thought out - there is no room for chance here…

megasun k9s

K9S can be proud of its rich content: it holds 52 low-pressure lamps and 6 LED modules in the face part and two LED shoulder tanners. Unlike the K6 and K7 models, the face tanners in the "nine" are available only in the LED option.

All in line with the trends that distinguish larger, comfortable sunbeds, providing a premium tanning experience.

Flawless design

Again, we are dealing with a work by Etienne Salomé, a designer known for his work for Bugatti. We will meet the Infinity Mirror, which provides an amazing sense of depth. The new SmartControl display allows you to choose from an almost unlimited number of LED colour combinations.The interior design does not disappoint either. All tanning settings can be quickly and easily adjusted by the client during the session.


The sunbeds come in three different colours: Magic Silver, Copper Rose and Wonder White.

megasun k9s

Proven K-series solutions

KBL does not give up solutions that have been positively received by customers. Therefore, we will meet again:

  • Wireless phone charging option. As the manufacturer himself put it neatly - during the tanning session, both the customer and his smartphone can charge their batteries.

  • megasun k9s

  • Beauty Booster Pro system that cares for the skin of the face and neckline. Over 2,000 red Nano Beauty LEDs stimulate the production of collagen and oxygenate the skin. Effect: velvety skin that’s full of radiance with a healthy colour.
  • 3D Sound Bar that delivers crystal-clear highs and powerful bass.

K9S: what's new?

Firstly: Sunsphere Pro, a new approach to facial tanning. The innovative system achieves an improvement of up to 10% in tanning efficiency (compared to the Sunsphere system with UVA LEDs and low pressure spaghetti lamps). It is also very easy to regulate its power. This is the first device with this type of solution in the world - it sets a promising direction for the entire industry.

Sunsphere Pro means:

  • 144 UVA LEDs;
  • 21 UVB diodes (ensuring optimally balanced accumulation of pigment and vitamin D - it's a completely new tanning experience);
  • and 850 skin-enhancing red Nano Beauty Light diodes.
megasun k9s

Secondly - a new type of electronics, which in the future will enable remote operation of the device. A service technician from anywhere in the world will be able to update the system, diagnose (and perhaps also fix) the fault. And that means - a huge saving of time and money. The device is fully prepared for the challenges of tomorrow!

Efficiency - a strong point of the German manufacturer

SunSphere technology reduces energy consumption by up to 80% compared to conventional high-pressure lamps. In addition, ordinary UV lamps need to be replaced regularly and their efficiency steadily decreases over time. The LEDs used in SunSphere shine up to 25 times (!) longer and maintain undiminished efficiency throughout their lifetime.

KBL has again managed to create a relatively energy-efficient sunbed - of course, if we compare it with devices with a comparable level of comfort, size and number of body lamps (as many as 52!). The total energy consumption ranges from 11kW (without air conditioning) to 12.3kW (total), which is not insignificant at current electricity prices. Compared to other solariums in this category, the investment in K compares favorably:

sunbed modeltotal energy consumptiondifference from K9S
Ergoline Prestige Lightvision Spectra
(with LED facial tanners)
max. 14.4 kW2,1 kW more
Ergoline Prestige Lightvision
(standard, “high pressure” facial tanners)
max. 16.8 kW4,5 kW more
Luxura Vegaz 9200 Highbrid Highbrid
(standard technology + LED facial tanners)
max. 15 kW2,6 kW more
KBL megaSun P9
max. 14,0 kW1,7 kW more
KBL megaSun P9S
max. 12,5 kW0,3 kW more
KBL megaSun K7smax. 12,2 kW1,1 kW less

Relaxation from head to toe

One of the key needs of a modern solarium customer is the desire to relax from everyday life. How will the K9S cope with this goal?

  • Customers can choose between music channels or relaxing sounds. They can also listen to their own playlists via Bluetooth or even use internet radio!
  • Of course, there is also air conditioning and individually adjustable, refreshing AquaCool mist.
  • AirBreeze technology ensures even cooling of the whole body. The air streams around the face and neckline can be directed in any direction, thanks to the adjustable air jets.

  • megasun k9s

  • Let's also remember about the exceptionally wide, comfortable couch and huge space above the head ... We have a full package now!

Which salon will be the first to show off its K9S?

To sum up: we see a very interesting proposition from megaSun!

The sunbeds are available in three lamp configurations:

  • vitaSun (primarily focused on an immediate bronzing effect, with LED and low-pressure lamps that emit blue light to activate the skin for more effective tanning...);
  • hybridSun (taking maximum care of healthy and elastic skin);
  • extraSun (favourite in the category of tanning efficiency and vitamin D production).

Which version will best suit the needs of your studio? If you are interested in parking a new megaSuna in your showroom, please contact our advisors.

If you are interested in technical details, you can download full catalogue for this product here.