The way to get a natural home tan during quarantine in 7 days

When the first sign of spring sun lures us from behind the window and physical movement in the open air is limited, we can think about home tanning.

It takes just a few days to get a beautiful natural tan, improve your mood, provide the body with a gigantic portion of vitamin D, improve immunity and recharge the batteries after winter.

How to do it? Home tanning step by step.

1. Step one - Exfoliate - 11:00

Let's take a bath or have a shower and exfoliate the whole body. This treatment will make your tan last longer.

2. Step two - Hair removal - 11:30

Smooth skin will absorb sun rays better, thanks to which we will achieve the desired effect faster and the tan will be even and long-lasting. Hair removal is better with a razor than with wax. The skin is weakened after winter and exposure to the sun just after waxing can further irritate it.

3. Step three - Apply the oil - 11:50

For home tanning in early spring a dry tanning oil will do well, which will naturally emphasise and accelerate the tan. The most important feature of dry oils is very fast absorption, which will be perfect for your home - and thanks to that we will avoid dirt.

Apply the oil in batches. We start with the upper body, gradually moving lower. Finally, massage it into your hands and wipe the inside part of them with a paper towel. After this treatment, our skin will be fully ready to say hello to the Sun.

4. Step four - Tanning - 12:00

At this time the sun is the strongest. Although the outside air temperature is not high, the exposed body will warm up immediately.

Regardless of whether we will sunbathe on the balcony, in the garden or with the window open, remember that the first session shouldn’t last longer than 20 minutes.
We can extend it a bit each day.

It's the perfect opportunity to relax: enjoy your coffee, indulge in meditation, concentrate on positive thoughts with your favorite music. It is also worth thinking about joint sunbathing with the household members.

5. Step five – A lot of water! 12:20

Everyone knows about it but it is worth remembering to hydrate well after each sun session. Water cannot be overdosed, so drink as much as possible.

6. Step six - Moisturise the skin - in the evening.

Let's not wash the oil until evening. Let it work. Even more so when it smells nice. Only after an evening bath or shower, should we apply a moisturising lotion. Such a cosmetic can contain aloe vera or hyaluronic acid. Aloe vera will also soothe any irritation.

What’s worth knowing?

  • We have tested the Gold & Glow dry oil, which we order from 7Suns Cosmetics. It gives a very pleasant natural tan, such as after returning from a holiday and it smells delicious. One 100 ml bottle is enough for at least 12 sessions. We recommend this product with full responsibility.
  • Vitamin D strongly supports our immunity system, which may be really important in the current period. Our body is able to provide only 20% of the demand for vitamin D by means of dietary supplements and proper nutrition. As much as 80% of it comes from the sun!
  • When tanning, remember to use sunglasses with a UV filter.
  • Depending on the type of skin and the ability to produce pigment, the first effects of daily tanning should appear after a few days.