sundrop shot

Brother - carotene, sister - youth. Meet the Sun Drop family of tanning shots.

At the beginning there was Sun Drop - a refreshing shot to support tanning from the inside, with a large dose of beta-carotene. Now, his younger sister - Sun Drop Beauty Drink, has joined him.

Women love diamonds, and this is how you recognize the latest tanning shot, although the shot is also dedicated to men.

sundrop shot

A handy bottle filled to the brim with good stuff:

  • hyaluronic acid - stimulates the production of collagen, which makes the skin elastic
  • tyrosine and copper - improving the effects of tanning in a solarium and in the sun
  • guarana - adding energy and accelerating metabolism
  • vitamin E - providing the skin with the necessary protection

What is the best way to increase tanning effects with Sun Drop? Here is the perfect recipe:

  • First, expose your skin to sunlight or go to a tanning bed.
  • Secondly, use a specialized sunscreen: bronzer or accelerator.
  • Third, drink Sun Drop - a special drink that supports tanning from the inside.

It is best to drink the Sun Drop Beauty Drink chilled just before the tanning session. Remember to additionally refill water after visiting the solarium. Proper hydration of the body plays a key role in achieving an intense tan.

Thanks to the ingredients contained in the Beauty Drink shot, the skin is protected against the effects of radiation causing faster aging. Regular sunbathing requires a supply of protective and rejuvenating ingredients, and these can be found in the shot.

One of the most important ones is hyaluronic acid, it is also called the elixir of youth, which stimulates the production of collagen, which influences the elasticity of the skin. This ingredient is also known for its bactericidal and healing properties in skin inflammation.