brown sugar tanning cosmetics

BROWN SUGAR – check our new sweet treats!

Brown Sugar is the older sister of TAN ASZ U - a brand that you certainly know well because it has settled in our offer and enjoys unflagging popularity among customers.

25 years ago the first lotion signed with this name was made. It was a revolutionary product - the first dark bronzer without DHA on the market (dihydroxyacetone – a bronzer, which forms a tan within a few hours after the session). Since then, the tan lovers do not have to worry about the orange tones on their skin. The unique composition of natural ingredients that accelerate tanning process and help darken the pigment in the skin, combined with insane tropical fragrances, have won the hearts and minds of customers in salons in the United States, and all over the world.

The formula of the first Brown Sugar lotion has become almost cult and .... is still available! Currently, as Original Brown Sugar - it is a guarantee of a truly unique tan and even more exceptional care of your skin. This amazing, truly holiday effect is not only the effect of work the experienced staff of chemists and technologists but above all the high-quality ingredients combined in perfect harmony and proportions.

Why do customers love Brown Sugar? Because each bottle with this name is full of the sweetest treats: chocolate, coconut, honey or caramel. And all this is sprinkled with even more crazed aromas of citrus fruits, delicately curled with the fragrance of the flowers or strengthened with wood chords.

Brown Sugar is a complete line of tanning cosmetics that your clients will love. Among the products, you will find not only bronzing balms but also tanning accelerators. Each of them (except for tingle bronzers, which are ideal as leg bronzers) is suitable for use on the whole body.

Ultra-dark bronzer for special tasks? An extremely fast accelerator? Tingle bronzer for those who want more? Or maybe a delicate natural bronzer leaving the skin lightly brushed with gold? With Brown Sugar, you'll meet even the most demanding expectations of your customers.

Do you want to know more? Contact us as soon as possible and take advantage of the unique offer we have prepared for wholesale customers.

brown sugar tanning cosmetics