Cosmedico Colyour. Tanning in the colours of the rainbow.

Cosmedico Colyour. Tanning in the colours of the rainbow.

The best tanning colour rainbow lamps. 45% better tanning results.

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  • What hybrid tanning is
  • If hybrid lamps tan well
  • What makes the Cosmedico Colyour lamps different from other coloured lamps

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4 facts about hybrid lamps

  • Fact 1 - Customers are increasingly opting for hybrid lamps.
  • Fact 2 - Sales of coloured lamps are increasing from 2020.
  • Fact 3 - In addition to their biopositive properties, modern hybrid lamps have good tanning properties.
  • Fact 4 - The main reason clients choose coloured lamps is to keep up with trends and to increase the prestige of their tanning salon.

Hybrid tanning - what is it exactly?

Tanning salon owners are constantly looking for new solutions to attract clients and increase the quality of the services provided, including the prestige of the tanning salon. In many salons, instead of typical lamps emitting only UV radiation, hybrid lamps are appearing, which in addition to UV rays (UVA, UVB) offer an additional spectrum of rays of a specific colour - blue, green, yellow and red, which additionally have a positive effect on our skin and well-being.

Frequently asked customer questions about rainbow lights

Many customers wonder whether coloured lamps tan well. The answer to this question is not clear-cut. Why?

Considering the UV parameters, the rainbow lamps available on the market so far unfortunately did not look good compared to standard tanning lamps. Their effectiveness in terms of direct pigmentation and therefore their bronzing properties were at a rather low level, often up to 50% lower than standard tanning lamps. Therefore, many customers who decided to equip their bed with this type of lamp were reluctant to return to coloured lamps again.

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However, the situation strongly changed after the launch of the Cosmedico Colyour lamps.. The problem of low UVA output has been completely eliminated. In addition to their biopositive properties on the body, Colyour lamps also present very good tanning performance, which, as you know, is the basis of a good tanning salon. This is up to 45% better tanning results than the previous rainbow lamps on the market, so it is a huge technological leap.

For the inquisitive, here is a comparison of selected lamps in terms of the value of UV radiation responsible for direct pigmentation.

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Why choose Cosmedico Colyour lamps?

Below, we have presented some facts about the lamps in the Colyour series:

  • parameters - in addition to the biopositive properties associated with the emission of coloured light, they have very good tanning properties.
  • lifetime - Cosmedico Colyour lamps have a service life easier to standard lamps, at 800 hours.
  • price - the price of the Colyour lamp is very similar to standard tanning lamps.
  • quality of salon services - the use of Cosmedico Colyour lamps (hybrid lamps) increases the quality of salon services.
  • customer feedback - Customers appreciate the Colyour hybrid lamps for their exceptional pigmentation properties and additional properties, e.g. anti-ageing effects, thanks to the use of red lamps. Most customers declare their willingness to buy again.
Cosmedico Colyour lamps

Meaning of colours in Cosmedico Colyour lamps

Blue light:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • improves concentration.

Green light:

  • stimulates circulation,
  • dynamizing

Yellow light:

  • relaxing,
  • pore refining.

Red light:

  • cell renewing,
  • vitalizing

Order Cosmedico Colyour for your tanning salon

Cosmedico Colyour lamps come in different lengths and wattages: 100W, 160W, 180-200W, but also with different erythema parameters. As a result, Colyour lamps can be used in most of the sunbeds (tanning beds and tubes) available on the market. It is also the strongest option within the European standard of 0.3W/m2.

Contact us and our advisors will match the right lamp to your device.

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