deep tan calm


Combination of tanning and relaxation sessions with Deep Calm & Tan UV lamps

Mindfulness, meditation, yoga ... We are still looking for new methods to deal with stress, haste, lack of concentration or irritability. More and more of your customers are now also looking for effective solutions. How can you transfer them to the land of relaxation and peace in your salon?

Check how simple, small changes will transform your tanning studio into a temple of rest!

relaxing music

Sounds of nature are great - the sound of the sea, the singing of birds? Or maybe instrumental music - delicate guitar sounds? There are many free, ready-to-use compositions on the internet - but before you decide on one of them, do a small experiment: listen to the songs in a loop (e.g. two hours). Do they still seem calming and soothing to you? Unfortunately, quite often free music turns out to be "flat" or "synthetic", simply - tiring with prolonged contact. In this case, it is worth investing in a more expensive, but good quality solution. One thing is certain: it's worth preparing at least one playlist dedicated to relaxing sessions!

pleasant cosmetic

Wrapping your skin with a moisturising balm with a captivating scent always improves your mood and is an opportunity to focus on pleasant sensations flowing from the body. In our store you can find cosmetics that combine the effect of tanning acceleration with comprehensive care properties. Let's try to make sure that your studio’s guest does not feel time pressure and can apply the cosmetic without hurry before and even after sunbathing.


The possibilities here are huge! We can use aroma systems built into modern tanning beds. However, we can provide the right fragrance throughout the entire salon (fragrant candles, aroma diffusers will help here) - in addition to customer satisfaction, we will also please our employees!

Relaxing effect is provided by essential oils of chamomile, lavender and lemon balm. Lemon grass combats apathy, jasmine relieves fear, and marjoram - sadness. Mint reduces nervousness and even - reduces the symptoms of depression! Orange oil is valued for calming, harmonizing and stabilizing the nervous system. There is a looot to choose from! :) It is worth changing the smells from time to time - otherwise, just like with perfumes, they may cease to be felt.

drink or snack

A nice touch after the sunbathing will be a cup of tea (and on hot days - cool water with lemon) and a small cookie or fruit. If the studio size allows it, a quiet corner will be a great idea. It will become a "buffer" between the relaxation session and the return to daily duties. This is a common practice in Thai massage salons, highly appreciated by clients. A comfortable armchair and a living plant can warm up any interior! And since we're talking about nature...

green "WOW" effect

The crowning change will be supplementing at least one tanning bed with Cosmedico's Deep Calm & Tan lamps. The colour of the lamps is unique: green. In chromotherapy (which means - a method of treatment with colours) it is the colour responsible for inner peace and wellbeing. The influence of colours on our well-being was already known in ancient China, India and Egypt and now it is gaining fans again!

Green in colour therapy:

  • has a soothing effect on our nervous system
  • regulates the functioning of the respiratory system
  • has a positive effect on the heart
  • reduces tension and affects mental well-being
  • gives a sense of balance and harmony.

In short: green is the best friend of modern man, living in stress and rush. Take advantage of its power and ... create your own, unique land of relaxation! :)