Does moisturised skin tan better?

Does moisturised skin tan better?

We have all seen it: two people sunbath similarly, often and for a long time, and yet ... One tan is radiantly golden and even "healthy" and the other - dull and dim and also much darker in selected areas, e.g. on the knees and elbows. It turns out that the cause of these differences may be ... Water. Or rather - lack of it!

Moisturising the skin is the absolute basis for a beautiful tan. Moisturised skin is more elastic and smooth, has a naturally nicer shade.

How to get proper hydration easily?

hydration from the outside:

  • use a moisturising lotion every day (remember especially about extremely dry places - elbows, knees, feet),
  • before the tanning session, apply a specialised tanning lotion with the addition of moisturizing ingredients (natural oils and butters, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid will be helpful)
  • after the tanning session, you can additionally apply a soothing and moisturizing lotion.

hydration from the inside

  • bet on vegetables and fruits with a high water content (strawberries - 92%, watermelon - 93%, grapefruit - 91%, melon - 90%, zucchini - 95%, cucumber - 96%, radish - 95%),
  • drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day (on hot days - more!),

Bottle - everyday support!

It's best to drink water in small portions, all day long. It is important to always have water with you - so that reaching for it becomes a reflex.

Does moisturised skin tan better?

A convenient bottle with a filter is a great solution. And on top of that - we care about our planet, because instead of 300 (!!!) plastic bottles, there is just one. Pleasant and useful!