green solarium

Green solarium - it's time for green tanning salons

There is a dominant trend of organic products appearing everywhere. Store shelves, clothing brands and many cosmetic brands have products based on organic ingredients in their portfolio.

Natural materials began to appear in salons dominated by plastic and artificiality. In large cities, you can easily find beauty salons and hairdressing salons that strongly refer to the current green trends. Customers are willing to pay more for services that are friendly to not only themselves but also to the environment. These are not ordinary hairdressing or beauty salons; they are places where you can relax and take care of your hair and skin.

That's why…
We encourage you to make your tanning salon eco-friendly. How do you go about this? Read about it below.

Refresh the interior of your tanning salons

Create a place friendly to your customers, as hairdressing and beauty salons have already done. Tanning salons are associated with kitsch and plastic for many people, and we know that this stereotype doesn’t translate into the current reality.

Don't worry about following a new trend, you don't have to change the whole decor right away, all you need is small extras that will change your tanning salon, and you will become a pioneer of the solar eco-trend in the area.

What you can do:

  • bet on cushions with a plant motif
  • invest in wooden elements, e.g. shelves, showcases
  • decorate your living room with real plants, e.g. monsters
  • paint the walls with natural, warm colours
  • get rid of posters that are associated with an artificial, unnatural appearance

Below is an inspiration from a green hairdressing salon.

eko salon
Source: Pinterest, Salon Design of the Month: Butchers access: 26.07.2021

Bet on ecological cosmetics

Recently, cosmetics based on natural ingredients have been very popular. A new collection of cosmetics from 7suns Cosmetics 97organic, which is the first natural line of cosmetics for tanning in the salon, will soon appear. In the collection, you will find three natural products - bronzer, accelerator and after tan lotion, which will satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We have tried them out extensively and believe us - they are worth the wait!

Invest in eco-friendly devices

The latest tanning beds consume, on average, 5kW less energy than older devices, which in turn translates into lower costs for energy consumption. This lower energy consumption does not translate to any less amazing tanning results - you get a perfect tan whilst being great for the environment. In addition, modern devices are equipped with several additional functions that increase the comfort of sunbathing, as well as the operation of devices. Example of a modern, low-voltage tanning bed is megaSun P9S.

In addition to energy-saving sunbeds, it is also worth investing in premium lamps that have a longer working time, reaching up to 1000 hours.

In our superb offer, you will find both energy-saving sunbeds and tanning lamps, so we strongly encourage you to familiarise yourself with our range.