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How do you make your home a solarium? How much does it cost? Will the tan rival a commercial sunbed?

Everything you need to know about buying a home sunbed.

Home solariums are just smaller versions of the sunbeds found in tanning salons. One tanning session in a private solarium uses as much electricity as one load of ironing. More precisely - the equivalent of €0,25. Not much? Precisely! What’s more, is that one set of lamps included in the price of the device is enough for at least 1800 20-minute sessions. If we sunbathe twice a week, the first lamp replacement will be necessary after ... 18 years :)

The question is, do home solariums tan in the same way as those in tanning salons, i.e. quickly and evenly?

Home appliances are divided into:

  • compact - tanning panels on a frame
  • classic - smaller versions of professional solariums

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We took a closer look at three solutions for home solariums. We have omitted miniature Philips home solariums in the list due to the negligible power of 15-watt lamps.

The most frequently chosen home solariums:

... let's start with the practical issue: costs.

How much does a home solarium cost?

Private gyms or home saunas are no longer exclusive. We appreciate the possibility of using their benefits when and how much we want, and at the same time, we feel completely at ease in them. The home gyms and saunas have been joined by private solariums, which, apart from sunbathing, enable therapy with collagen and infrared light.

An investment in a personal tanning salon is 3-4 times cheaper than a home sauna and 2 times cheaper than a gym. A good tanning device can cost as much as a good quality TV:

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Prices for home solariums

  • Hapro Topaz - the cheapest
    The price of this device is just over €1.380, including a set of lamps and accessories (the Topaz 10 / 1V version has additional face tanning lamps).
  • Hapro Innergize - cheaper
    For the amount of €1.940, as well as a modern solarium with a supply of lamps, we will receive such additions as found in premium class beds - aroma and lamps emitting infrared light.
  • Ergoline Ergoline Ambition 250 - medium
    The purchase of a bed of this class best reflects the conditions that can be obtained in a solarium. A perfectly refurbished Ambition 250 that looks as if it has left the factory is an expense of €2.800-2.960 with a warranty. Other models of the same category, such as Ergoline Advantage 400, Soltron XS-35, or Luxura X7 38 Bling can be purchased for a similar price.

Does a home solarium tan in the same way as a solarium in the tanning salon?

Regardless of whether the bed is compact or classic, the mechanism is identical in both cases. The only difference is the tanning process itself.

A session in classic home solariums is the same as in a commercial solarium, but in the case of compact home devices the panel with lamps is directed on one side and to obtain the same effect as in a solarium, after some time turn and point another part of the body towards the light . For this reason, relaxing home sessions can take longer in the tanning salon.

On both the compact Topaz and Innergize models we tested and the classic Ambition 250 beds, the tan was even and did not differ in any way from the one obtained in salons.

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Will it fit in the room? What are the dimensions?

Both compact models resemble a laundry dryer. They are relatively thin and fit easily in a wardrobe. A home solarium consists of a tanning panel and a frame that allows you to sunbathe lying down or standing up. It is an ideal solution for apartments.

A little more space should be allocated to a classic solarium. They are smaller than the solariums in tanning salons, but long enough for the couch to be comfortable. They are perfect for homes.

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Current consumption and connection.

A compact home solarium consumes about 1.3-2.2 kW of power, which is similar to the iron mentioned at the beginning. The devices do not require complicated installation. Put the plug into a universal 230W socket and after a while… we are lying on the beach.

Household solar beds Ergoline Ambition 250 are connected in a different way. They require a three-phase power supply, i.e. "Strength". Depending on where you reside, this can be fitted with ease. Please check your country requirements.

All three presented solariums do not consume much electricity. A single session is about 20 times cheaper than the one in the tanning salon (compact beds). However, we have to handle ourselves.

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Lamps for a home solarium. Solarium, collarium, or maybe infrared?

All three options of using the solarium are possible at home. Bah! There is even a fourth option, i.e. mixing tanning lamps with collagen lamps.

Most of the presented models can be configured with tanning and rejuvenating (collagen) lamps. In addition, the Innergize model has infrared (emitting infrared) lamps that are used for medical conditions, for example, to treat sinuses, relieve pain, rheumatic ailments or muscle tension.

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Where to buy a home solarium?

Home tanning appliances are ordered in the same way as household appliances or electronics. The compact tanning bed is assembled by attaching it to the frame and takes 90 seconds. If it takes you 5 seconds to connect to the socket, you can say that 95 seconds after the courier's visit, you can relax on a sunny beach without leaving your home.

A home solarium will not replace a visit to the salon in every way, but it will certainly be an interesting alternative for supplementing sessions in your favourite solarium with the possibility of arranging sessions to suit your needs.

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At the end. Home tanning ideas:

Our inspirations # 1 - An evening for two.

What is impossible in the tanning salon can be done at home, so… arrange a romantic session for two with a sunbathing session together.

We need:

  • home solarium
  • a bed or a comfortable mat
  • moisturising sun care product
  • a supply of carrot juice and ice
  • scented candle
  • music

home tanning

Our recipe for the evening:

  • Unfold the mat, light a candle and turn on the music - we have prepared special playlists.

  • So Sensual (by maximus sunbeds) - Ideal for relaxing session with home tanning bed.

    Sunshine Chill (by maximus sunbeds) - Nature sounds for relaxing session with home tanning bed.

  • Use the cosmetic like you would a massage oil and apply to your partner's body. Start the massage.
  • After about 20 minutes, switch roles.
  • Now it's time to sunbathe, but first a glass of chilled carrot juice containing beta-carotene.
  • Once the body is relaxed, the fluids are replenished and the skin is properly moisturised, it's time for a relaxing tanning session.

Our inspirations # 2 - Autumn/winter boost of positive energy

When the weather forecast for the next 10 days is cloudy, we feel like doing nothing, and pale skin looks like it was made of paper, energising light therapy will wake you up from that winter sleep.

We need:

  • home solarium
  • a bed or a comfortable mat
  • tanning cosmetic (we especially recommend warming lotions with the tingle effect)
  • fruit juice or vitamin shot
  • music

home tanning

Our recipe for an energy boost:

  • Unfold the mat and apply a tanning lotion.
  • Turn on our playlist, which will gradually wake you from hibernation - check out our playlist:

  • Good Vibes Only (by maximus sunbeds) - Perfect for feel-good and energizing session with home tanning bed.

  • Run a home solarium.
  • For the first 2 minutes of tanning, relax your muscles, and for the next two minutes, rhythmically tense them. Repeat this cycle as many times as you like.
  • After the session is over, top up the liquid with juice or a shot
  • Use a few minutes after your session for a short home cardio workout.