How to use the solarium more effectively - a guide to indoor tanning cosmetics.

As many tanning enthusiasts as there are, there are so many needs and preferences related to the selection of tanning beds, the length of tanning sessions, as well as - cosmetics with various uses and individually selected effects. In the article below, you will learn how to choose the right cosmetic tailored to your expectations.

Bronzers - instant colour at your fingertips

Among the products intended for indoor tanning, bronzers and accelerators take the main stage. We usually reach for bronzers, before the solarium, expecting the maximum colour in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the content of substances that can darken the skin temporarily, we can enjoy a beautiful brown even before the tanning session. The effect of using a bronzer is an excellent, additional enhancement of the tan obtained during a visit to the solarium, as well as a great way to achieve the desired effect for a special occasion.

Among the cosmetics chosen by customers willingly, there are, among others, products of the following brands: ProTan, Tan Asz U, Australian Gold, and 7suns. From a rich portfolio, customers can choose lotions of any strength and composition matched to their individual needs. The offer of ProTan bronzers includes such products as: Beach Bliss with a mixture of coconut, lime and banana extracts or I'm So Fancy dedicated for advanced solarium users, enriched with a complex of champagne extract. Deviously Black from Australian Gold is a perfect combination of bronzers and absinthe extract, and Eternal Youth, composed by Brown Sugar, will take care not only of an intense tan, but also effective firming.

The bronzer of the Dutch brand, Australian Gold - Colour Crush and referring to hot Hawaii, Aloha Beaches by Tan Asz U, attract attention with their unusual, blue colour of the mass. These products will help you achieve a deep brown, while preventing orange tones or stains. The unique 97organic bronzer from 7suns is also worth mentioning. In its composition you will find as much as 97% ingredients of natural origin - this is the perfect solution for everyone who is looking for a spectacular tan in harmony with nature.

Tingle bronzer - to warm up!

Advanced tanners and seekers of stronger sensations will surely know products with a warming tingle effect. A pleasant feeling of a wave of warmth enveloping the body, a delicate blush on the skin and a tan that lasts for many days - these are the effects of tingle bronzers. So… HOT! by 7suns brands with a characteristic red label, Hot Freak with an immediate tan effect from Inky, or maybe Pure Heat from the Australian Gold range with a cocoa scent? There are plenty of bronzers with a warming effect on the solarium market, so if you want even more from the tanning session - check out one of the products mentioned.

Tanning accelerators - sun-kissed skin for even longer

People who expect a quick tan that will last for a long time usually reach for tanning accelerators. Their action is slightly different than in the case of bronzers. Here, the operation of the lamps in the solarium will be necessary to obtain the colour, but thanks to the compounds that affect the production of melanin, we can more easily achieve the desired tan, even during a shorter session in the salon. A large selection of tanning accelerators can be found among the products, 7suns, Australian Gold, ProTan, Fiesta Sun, or Inky, as well as in the offers of many other brands. Fans of ingredients straight from the sea will surely pay attention to the You. Me & the Sea lotion with sea salt and algae extract from Fiesta Sun, hemp products lovers will surely like to use the accelerator from the Hemp Nation ™ series. Meanwhile, the 7suns brand, among the other tanning lotions, also took care of the needs of men's skin by creating CODE tanning accelerator, which not only accelerates the tan, but also perfectly moisturizes and nourishes. Another proposition of this brand is Gold & Glow dry tanning oil. Its unique formula means that the skin does not remain sticky after application, so it is also a perfect product for the beach.

Bronzer + accelerator = a perfect combination

However, do you have to choose between one and the other type of tanning lotion? Fortunately not! There are many tanning accelerators with the addition of bronzers on the market, which at the same time ensure a faster natural golden colour, and an immediate effect of an intense tan thanks to the content of bronzers. Among the wide range of available products, customers of tanning salons eagerly reach for, for example, Inky products in energetic, colourful tubes - Joy Maker and Fit Achiever are products created for the young at heart and energetic. In addition, all 7suns bronzers also contain ingredients with a tan accelerating effect.

Light therapy - the power of coloured lamps

Solariums are not only about getting a tan. Popularity of therapy with the use of multi-coloured lamps is growing, and light therapy offices are appearing in more and more cities. Depending on the colour of the emitted light, individual light therapy lamps have a different impact on our health, for example by supporting the treatment of inflammation, improving concentration or reducing acne. Interestingly, a light therapy session may or may not involve tanning. A collarium equipped only with collagen lamps is a great idea for all those who have already reached their dream bronze at the moment, but still want to stimulate the production of collagen responsible for the young and radiant appearance of the skin. To take full advantage of the power of red collagen and hybrid lamps, the 7suns brand has created a specialist HyaluRED cosmetic with a high content of liposomal hyaluronic acid and phytoplankton extract. Additionally, the lotion also acts as a tanning accelerator. You can read more about coloured lamps for light therapy here.

After tan care - the key to long-lasting bronze

A beautiful and long-lasting tan is not only the effect of tanning lamps in combination with an accelerator or bronzer. The care applied after the tanning session is also important. Good nourishment, hydration and smoothing of the skin will emphasize the tan even more beautifully. One of the popular after-tan products is Salty Kisses lotion by Fiesta Sun, which moisturizes the skin and at the same time prolongs the durability of the tan. In the Australian Gold portfolio you will find a soothing gel created for everyone who happened to fall asleep on the beach during a sunny vacation, and the 97organic After Tan lotion created by 7suns will not only deepen and extend the durability of the tan thanks to the special MelanoBlend formula, but also protect the skin against blue radiation. - also that emitted by a smartphone or laptop.

Well-chosen tanning products guarantee an even deeper tan and perfect-looking, healthy skin.