protan tanning lotions

Indoor tanning lotions from ProTan - explore the brand

Pro Tan, Protan, ProTan, proTan… You can find all possible versions of that name on the Internet! Of course, we are talking about the world-famous American brand of indoor tanning cosmetics.

ProTan has been present on the market since 1987 and during this time it has managed to build a very strong position, not just in the United States, but outside too. Despite the fact that ProTan products can be found in many tanning salons, often the first association with this name is ... very strong self-tanners for bodybuilders and fitness models. The brand is so connected with the world of bodybuilding that on its website you can even find ... a calendar of upcoming competitions! Admittedly, this is a very interesting strategy.

For those who dream of a more natural effect - ProTan has also prepared a wide range of tan accelerator products!

Where to start your adventure with ProTan?

We chose the most popular indoor tanning lotions - adjusted, of course, to the "level of initiation"..

  • for beginners: ProTan Perfectly Tan
    Ultra moisturising formula. Aloe vera gives the skin a healthy glow. Helps you get an even, golden tan.
  • for intermediate: ProTan Beautifully Dark
    Mix of delayed and immediate bronzers. Formula based on natural oils - sunflower, coconut and Monoi de Tahiti. Result: tanned and deeply nourished skin.
  • for the most advanced “tanners”: ProTan Unbelievably Black
    A combination of tanning accelerators with dark bronzers and DHA. Thanks to exotic extracts, aloe vera and silicones, the skin will become healthy and radiant. Effect - long-lasting and darkest brown.

More interesting products from ProTan

  • for the brave: Hot Tottie Tingle
    Indecently warming balm with tingle effect. Guarantees a deep and lasting tan.
  • for gel formula’s fans: Radically Hemp Bronzer
    A mixture of powerful tanning accelerators. The light, gel formula facilitates the application and ensures exceptional smoothness of the skin.
  • for those dreaming of perfectly smooth and tanned legs: Luscious Legs
    Ultra dark bronzer for an even colour finish. An added bonus: ingredients that firm up skin and slow down hair regrowth!
  • for fans of fabulously colourful packaging: there is a whole series of "Love me" products waiting for them (including such hits as “Sweet Emotion” and “Call Me Maybe”).This line is distinguished by tubes resembling candies and incredibly sweet fragrances (for example - the composition called "cotton candy tangerine") ... "Love me" will not leave you indifferent!
  • for those looking for extra support: from the inside: hardly anyone knows that ProTan is also a producer of dietary supplements. They offer tablets that accelerate tanning and fat burning.
  • for tatoo lovers Ink Tatoo
    SPF filters protect tattoos from fading, and the ColorBrite formula - additionally adds intensity to colours. Double action in a very convenient form of a wide stick.

It is worth supplementing the offer of your tanning salon with at least a few products of this brand. Surprise your customers with colourful tubes with very effective content!