Is it possible - and how - to advertise a solarium on Facebook? A guide.

Is it possible - and how - to advertise a solarium on Facebook? A guide.

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  • Can a solarium be advertised on Facebook? What activities are not prohibited? What can be posted?
  • What are the basic advertising opportunities?
  • How much does Facebook advertising cost?

Facebook has drastically cut the reach of non-sponsored posts. This means that the work we put into creating a post may come to nothing because only a handful of our fans will see it. Sponsored posts, in other words, advertising on Facebook, is the only and sure way to reach potential clients with your message. How to prepare such an ad?

1. Can a solarium be advertised on Facebook?

Short answer: yes, but under certain conditions... The Act on the protection of health against the consequences of using tanning beds * expressly prohibits "advertising and promotion of tanning services". This means that we cannot publish posts encouraging the use of a solarium. However, the act does not mention publication of information content related to running a business, and such can be, e.g.

  • information about the offer of cosmetics for sunbathing
  • information about changing the opening hours of the tanning salon
  • information about the influence of vitamin D on our body
  • information about the modernisation of the interior of the salon
  • information on free consultations on the selection of cosmetics

Facebook regulations do not prohibit advertising supplements (e.g. Sun Drop shots), consultations, courses, presenting the cosmetics offer, etc. However, you should remember that any form of promotion of the service provision and other forms of encouraging customers to tan are prohibited. For example, the sponsored promotion of a new tanning device may already pose a risk.

2. What are the basic advertising opportunities on Facebook?

When advertising on Facebook, you can choose to whom you want to target your ad. It's simple and very intuitive. We can define:

  • location, e.g. Kent, are of 20 km from Rochester
  • gender and age, e.g. women 18-25 years old
  • interests, e.g. solarium, beauty
  • type of connection, e.g. friends of people who liked our fanpage

Before we define who the ad should be targeted at, we have to choose one of the 11 advertising objectives. An ad objective is nothing more than a form of advertising that will be presented to the recipient in a specific way, e.g. simply displaying a post on the wall, displaying an ad encouraging to click on a link or like our website (gain a fan). For the purposes of this article, we are discussing 3 objectives that will be enough to get you started.

a) Objective of the advertising campaign - reach.

What is this ad?
- This type of ad is displayed to as many people as possible when we do not care about the engagement of the recipients.

When is it worth choosing?
- It is best to use it when we want our post to be seen by as many people as possible, e.g. when we want to announce important information, e.g. we are expanding our salon, or we have new cosmetics for tanning.

b) Objective of the advertising campaign - traffic.

What is this ad?
- This format is ideal when we want someone to click on the link after reading the sponsored post.
When is it worth choosing?

- When we want to redirect clients to some information on our website, e.g. to a blog post, information about a discount on cosmetics, etc.

c) Purpose of the advertising campaign - engagement.

What is this ad?
- Thanks to this form, we can display an ad to those who would like our fanpage more willingly than others. Facebook's algorithms allow you to determine this probability.

When is it worth choosing?
- When we want our Facebook page to have a lot of fans. This is good for new Facebook businesses looking to build a community quickly.

3. How much does Facebook advertising cost?

In a very simplified way, we can assume that:

  • We would pay from 2 to 4 EUR for displaying the ad to 1000 recipients (objective: reach)
  • We would pay from 0.50 to 1 EUR for a click in the link in the sponsored post (objective: traffic)
  • We would pay from 0.50 to 1 EUR for gaining a fan who likes our fanpage (objective: likes)

The rates depend on so many factors, including a target group, advertising creation, etc., that it is impossible to precisely specify the amounts. However, it can be initially assumed that informing the nearest area (e.g. a city with a population of 50,000 residents) about the opening hours of our salon will cost us about 300 EUR - assuming that each of the residents has Facebook and fits the target group, and the ad is shown only once.

If we decide to have the Facebook advertising account managed by a professional, additional remuneration for the specialist have to be added to the budget. In the case of small businesses, the configuration of ads is often implemented as part of the remuneration for running the entire Facebook page (posts + replying to customers + ads).

More about the costs, benefits and problems of running a Facebook page by an external company can be found in a separate post "How to run a solarium's Facebook page?”.

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