Is it worth buying a deconstructed sunbed?

This question often appears in the process of buying a tanning bed when we compare the price of the device with the equipment offered. Will the lower cost of the bed compensate for the lack of some fittings? Certainly, the more expensive a sunbed, the more important it is to look at it carefully and prepare a profit and loss balance. There is a risk that a large expense may turn out to be a misguided investment.

An interesting example is a way of offering the popular megaSun 7800 model. Let's compare two offers available on the market. The first is the often chosen base option, with extensive standard equipment. The second is a deconstructed, slightly cheaper variant, but devoid of many vital extras of equipment.

Is it worth buying a deconstructed sunbed?

As you can see in the table, the deconstructed variant has been deprived of the most important solutions - without 70 LED collagen lamps and shoulder tanners, the sunbed will not provide a beauty effect (improved flexibility, shortcuts, stimulation of microcirculation), nor will it guarantee an intense, even tan on the arms - parts of the body that we often reveal. The lack of two powerful lamps with a total power of 500W is significant interference in the overall concept of this bed.

The lack of return air discharge means resignation from the potential of using warm air from the sunbed to heat the cubicle; compromising energy savings and customer comfort.

What remains when we subtract these items of the equipment? Still a decent solarium, although not much different from slightly older models, is appreciated by customers available at much lower prices, such as Ergoline Esprit 770 or megaSun 6800 Intellisun.

In our opinion, the purchase of beds of the same class as the megaSun 7800 Alpha is calculated only on the condition of investing in the variant with standard equipment, i.e. full. There is no point in investing a serious amount of money in a tanning bed stripped of key technologies. Only about 1900€. The difference is between the fully equipped model and the deconstructed version.

When considering buying a top-class tanning bed, there are two options to consider:

  • Instead of buying a deconstructed premium model, invest in a mid-range but fully equipped solarium
  • Purchase a premium class solarium and negotiate above-standard equipment

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