Last days of lower prices for UV lamps.

Last days of lower prices for UV lamps.

Price changes of UV lamps - is it certain?

Unfortunately, yes - at Maximus we have already received official statements from the lamp producers. Out of respect for our regular Customers, we provide this information as soon as possible. Importantly: it is still possible to place orders at “old prices”.

What will these changes be?

The price adjustment means an increase of 5.3% to 7.9% - depending on the type of lamps. In the case of one sunbed - it can mean a change of up to several dozen euros. Contact your representative to check how the UV lamps for your sunbeds will become more expensive and place your order before the price changes.

How much time do I have?

UV lamps at the current, lower prices can be purchased only until February 9th. (inclusive) or while current stocks last. Note: stocks may run out even earlier than February 9th! What does this mean? It's not worth waiting until the last minute. The last days before the end of all types of discounts are always a very busy time for our sales team.

Therefore: contact your favorite representative today. Right now you will be able to calmly discuss your situation and current needs. Together you will place an order that will immediately go to your salon - 95% of our assortment is available "on the spot" and we send it within 24 hours.

What are the causes for these increases?

As one of the largest distributors of UV lamps in Europe, we make every effort to negotiate the best prices for our Customers when ordering wholesale quantities. Unfortunately, the current market situation forces lamp suppliers to adjust their offer.

The price of each UV lamp consists of a number of costs that we cannot see with the naked eye.

  • prices of materials (glass, gas and phosphor for lamps);
  • labour expenditure;
  • packaging and shipping price list.

Unfortunately, in recent weeks each of these elements has seen an increase in prices. As a consequence, the final product, i.e. the lamps themselves, had to change the price as well.

Any other ideas on how I can save money?

Are you thinking about cheaper, alternative solutions for your solarium? Ask our representative about the sale offer of the UV lamp. You can also talk to him about paying in installments!