--> Light therapy in 2023 - forecasts and January special offer

Light therapy in 2023 - forecasts and January special offer

You can read the article in 5 minutes. You will learn from it:

  • how do we know that light therapy will remain a strong trend in 2023?
  • what cosmetics will best complement the light therapy services in your tanning salon?
  • how can you get 12 sachets of cosmetics for FREE - only until the end of January!

If you would like to learn more about light therapy and choosing the right UV lamps first, check out the previous post on our blog.

Light therapy - how do we know that it will stay with us for longer?

Currently, we can observe at least two strong trends in the world that will support the sale of light therapy services in tanning salons.

Popularity of alternative forms of therapy that improve mood

This is not just a passing fad, but a so-called mega trend, visible all over the world. We spend more and more money on alternative methods of improving mental and physical health - body treatments, supplements, workshops ... Pinterest in its annual trend report indicates a very strong increase in interest in replacements for therapy. A visit to a salon equipped with coloured lamps will be an interesting and quickly available method to improve well-being for many customers.

Searching for savings and substitutes

The rising cost of living is an element of reality that, unfortunately, will move with us onto this year. More and more accounts devoted to saving are gaining popularity on Instagram, and on Facebook groups people of all ages exchange ways to shop cheaper and spend their free time inexpensively.

Sessions using hybrid or colour lamps can become a budget alternative for many people to:

  • mood-enhancing trips;
  • rejuvenating or firming body treatments.

Light therapy cosmetics you need to know

Light therapy cosmetics you need to know

#1: HyaluRed by 7suns Cosmetics

  • increases the rejuvenating effect of red lamps (collagen and hybrid);
  • supports the synthesis of collagen and elastin, firms the skin and reduces stretch marks;
  • a strong anti-ageing effect is ensured by the content of liposomal hyaluronic acid - fine lines and wrinkles become "smoothed" from the inside;
  • recommended before the session: accelerates tanning.

#2: Rainbow Whisperer by Inky Cosmetics

Supports the effects of tanning with the use of colored lamps thanks to carefully selected ingredients:

  • red lamps: amethyst extract fights signs of ageing, supports collagen synthesis and skin reconstruction;
  • yellow lamps: relaxed skin thanks to hibiscus extract, which accelerates its regeneration;
  • blue lamps: healthy complexion thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect of the centella asiatica extract;
  • green lamps: perfectly oxygenated skin and reduction of discolorations thanks to green coffee bean oil.

In addition, it accelerates tanning and contains natural bronzing ingredients.

#3: Rubino by Cosmedico

  • enhances the effect of red lamps, especially Cosmedico RUBINO;
  • regenerates and soothes skin irritations;
  • formula enriched with antioxidants and vitamin E improves elasticity and oxygenates the skin;
  • the application of the balm becomes a unique pleasure thanks to the content of red pearls.

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All shades of light therapy
All shades of light therapy

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Light therapy with bestsellers from 7suns & Inky

Light therapy with bestsellers from 7suns & Inky

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