Luxura Jewel by Hapro. The power of LED technology and total comfort. A new era in the world of tanning?

The Hapro team approached the process of designing a new sunbed in a thoughtful way. They left what worked perfectly in previous models (such as the comfortable, contoured couch known from the Vegaz), How could this be improved and packed with more modern solutions? They did it! Hapro can boast of another technological leap, in a shiny, beautiful frame…

In the full glow of LED lamps

Let's start with technology. The already mentioned Vegaz model was ahead of the competition by supplementing traditional high-pressure lamps in facial tanners with LED technology, combined with diodes emitting red light. Jewel went a step further and completely abandoned high-pressure lamps. This time, facial tanners are based only on Full LED technology (UVA+UVB) with red and... New, yellow light! Moreover, LEDs can also be found in the whole body tanning area, combined with proven low-pressure lamps. This is the first bed on the market* with such equipment!

Luxura Jewel od Hapro. Moc technologii LED i pełen komfort.

And what exactly will we find inside?

  • only 33 Premium EQ Intensive low-pressure lamps 60 – 120W;
  • as many as 13 BOS-Booster lamps. These are strips of LED diodes placed along the entire device with a very high direct pigmentation value.

Each strip contains 25 red diodes LED 630 nm and 25 diodes UV-A PowerLED 365 nm.

This combination ensures reduced energy consumption (i.e. lower maintenance costs of the device) and excellent tanning effects. You may be a little confused by the fact that most sunbeds in this class are equipped with low-pressure lamps with a power of 160 W. However, in this case, with extremely efficient LEDs, such powerful lamps are not necessary. As the manufacturer promises:

“50% energy savings and 100% tanning power”

The Maximus team carefully tested the bronzing power on their own skin (literally!) and... After just a week, we became the most tanned team in this part of Europe. :) We say YES. Especially since each LED reflector lamp shade has a reflector that ensures perfect light dispersion over the entire body (which means a perfectly even, natural-looking tan).

Energy savings may vary significantly depending on the settings of a specific model - if this issue is particularly important to you, be sure to talk about the equipment configuration with our advisor. The power of both types of lamps is completely adjustable, which gives salon owners full flexibility and freedom.

Tempting comfort and classic design

Jewel is a classic white and light design that will not overwhelm even a smaller interior. It will be perfect not only in a tanning studio but also in an elegant beauty or hairdressing salon. The vivid colours of the changing lights attract the eye, and the bright, spacious interior invites you to come inside.

But wait... Doesn't the shape of this sunbed seem strangely familiar to you?

Bingo! The entire structure of the bed is based (once again!) on the earlier Vegaz model, loved by customers for its spaciousness and comfort. Even the dimensions of the bed and the shape of the acrylic board are repeated. The convexities of the couch work great, regardless of the customer's height. It's safe to say that this is one of the most comfortable devices on the market. The tanning is incredibly comfortable and the bronze is even. Even in "difficult places" that would remain pale after tanning on a regular, flat plate.

The manufacturer also took care of the comfort of the showroom employees. The touch-sensitive, intuitive control panel is hidden behind an acrylic plate. Thanks to this clever solution, fingerprints can be quickly and easily washed with a couch cleaning liquid (without the risk of damaging the expensive screen). It may seem like a small thing - but it makes everyday work easier, right?

Let's not forget about futuristic details!

Let's look at the details. The unusual yellow outline visible in the arm and face tanners are LED diodes. Their task is to energise the user. 68 LEDs emitting red light with a wavelength of 630 nm are responsible for the care and improvement of skin elasticity. This is the most effective spectrum of active collagen production.

In addition, Jewel offers all the extras typical of premium devices - Climate Control (air conditioning), Qsens (breeze) and Xsens (aroma). Interestingly, this time special sachets filled with intensely scented wood chips were used to distribute the scent. Such a sachet is easier to use and more economical than previous solutions. The customer can perfectly adjust the tanning and cooling parameters to their preferences using a touch screen with a record-breakingly easy and intuitive interface. What more could we dream of...?

This unique Jewel will shine brightly in any tanning studio. Contact your regional representative and see Jewel live in our showroom.

Interested in more details?

Download the manufacturer's catalogue   or  check technical parameters in our e-store.

In conclusion, let's give the floor to our expert.

Higher energy prices and increasingly restrictive standards force manufacturers to look for more and more innovative solutions. Luxura introduces a device with low power consumption while maintaining the best possible tanning parameters. Thanks to this, the salon owner will obtain the highest rate of return from every minute of tanning. It is worth paying attention to the manufacturer's three-year warranty for LED diodes - this also proves the high quality of the solutions used!

- Tomasz Kowalkowski, Maximus Sunbeds

Many customers were waiting for this model... See what its first presentation looked like!

*The comparison applies to the three largest bed manufacturers on the market (Hapro, megaSun, Ergoline). As of September 11, 2023.