Tanning, firming and fun in one: Luxura V8 + VIBRAplate FREE*

*offer valid while stocks last

novelty on the horizon: the VIBRAplate platform

If this is the first time that you have seen a solution like this, you have to know one thing: using the platform is, above all, great fun!

If we look for a comparative experience, the closest match would be a Jacuzzi bath … but without water. In both cases, irregular vibrations of different power, relax and can cause an instant smile!

Due to the fact that we stand on the platform (it is installed on the floor), vibrations of different power mobilise muscles of the entire body for activity in order to maintain an upright posture. In this clever way, we apply ourselves a dose of motion that we perceive as an interesting challenge and good fun. With each session, our skin is better supplied with blood and, consequently, nourished and tense. The power of vibrations can easily be adjusted to preferences due to three programmes to choose from:

  • wellness (relaxing and unwinding)
  • slim (firming)
  • fitness (challenge for muscles)

What is more, all of the magic happens along with a tanning session. The best 2-in-1 combination since the invention of conditioning shampoo! :) Does it also mean that the door is open to updating the service price list? The choice is yours.

And if you have already had experience of vibrating platforms...

check out what distinguishes the VIBRAplate

The design of the device is based on prior models and experiences of their users – in this way weaker points were eliminated and the perfect solution may be finally presented!

Strengths of the platform:

  • foot-touch control – i.e. maximum ease of handling;
  • ideal smoothness without protruding buttons – which means instant and trouble-free cleaning;
  • mirror-like surface – which reflects UV light and increases the efficiency of sunbathing;
  • durable tested material – which means no stress;
  • due to ordering the set with a bed – you can be sure it will fit perfectly!

...also visually – the illumination of the platform itself is perfectly synchronised with colourful lighting inside and outside Luxura V8


It is time to introduce the second part of our harmonious pair...

Luxura V8 – a favourite among vertical solariums

Some especially appreciate it for its elaborate design – which is minimalist and characterised by a great attention to the quality of materials used. The control panel display is also easy and intuitive.


Others praise the device for its numerous functions. For full pleasure it is necessary to engage several senses. And that is what happens during a session in Luxura...

sight: Clients’ eyes are immediately attracted by atmospheric lighting of Ambient Flow Light.

touch: the Qsens system, i.e. a light mist that gently refreshes and nourishes, ensures pleasant experiences. More refreshment? It is assured by an adjustable, three-level ventilation system. During a standing session, it is especially important and the constructors deserve the highest praise for remembering about it!

The following functions take care of hearing:

  • myMP3 function, due to which Clients can easily connect their phone and, during the session, they will be accompanied only by their favourite rhythms. The Bluetooth connection is also available.
  • SoundAround Plus offers an additional two channels with relaxation and energy music, as well as an additional slot for an SD card with one’s own playlist
  • two interior speakers ensure excellent sound inside the device
luxura v8

the sense of smell is taken care of by: the Xsens system, i.e. ready-to-use fragrance compositions in three versions: exotic, floral and fresh.

Most importantly, Luxura V8 is also characterised by an excellent quality-price ratio!

The Highbrid: option is particularly advantageous:

  • with an innovative IP Control II solution, which ensures energy savings up to 25%,
  • and the combination of classic UV lamps with 12 red UV lamps which provide the skin with moisturising and stimulate the production of collagen, i.e. they rejuvenate it.

We have a perfect set

With such a set you can instantly introduce an interesting service to your salon: even sunbathing combined with skin firming and silhouette slimming. A dozen minutes spent on the VIBRAplate platform is a pure pleasure and an effective equivalent for fitness classes, but ... without a drop of sweat. In a word: an ideal solution for which a lot of women and men have been waiting. It is high time it was found in your salon.

The selection of our package saves a lot of money, but also time – the platform is installed immediately together with a new Luxura V8 device. The next day, the service combining sunbathing with firming may be used by clients. All this without looking for extra space or hiring new staff. An easily implementable solution standing out due to its functions!

Would you like to jump on VIBRAplate and check out its superpower? Remember – the number of sets on special offer is limited! Book yours:

*details of the special offer:

  • the special offer concerns models of Luxura V8 in the following versions High Balance i Highbrid
  • VIBRAplate is provided free of charge with devices from our Exclusive Package (complete equipment includes: Qsens, Xsens, Sound Around Plus, Bluetooth)
  • in the case of purchasing devices with only Sound Around Plus and Bluetooth, the additional net payment for VIBRAplate is only EUR 499
  • the number of devices on special offer is limited
  • the execution (installation) is available from August 2020