Instant regeneration with colourful UV lamps!

Colourful UV lamps are becoming more popular with tanning salons every day. Beds equipped with such lamps look modern and impressive. The rainbow of colours attracts the attention of customers who like novelties. However, how do we keep their interest?

It's worth choosing a colour composition that provides specific action and a noticeable effect. Satisfied customers will be motivated to return. Great tanning parameters should also be considered as this is always important. A set that meets these requirements is the new 'POWER NAP & TAN' UV lamp package, combining classic blue UV lamps, green and red. Created after a series of internal tests and improvements.

Rest like NASA

When designing this unique lamp package, we took inspiration from 'power naps'. Power nap (or for all of you cool cats and kittens – a 'cat nap') is a term invented by Dr. James B. Maas, a well known sleep researcher. In his works, he emphasises the strength of short but regular micro-rest sessions. Instead of uninterrupted activity for many hours, with one sleep break lasting several hours, we also have short breaks during the day. Thanks to these, we 'charge our batteries' on a regular basis instead of running close to empty. We are both rested and ready to act.

No wonder the idea quickly became popular among entrepreneurs, managers and people interested in health and self-development from around the world. The idea became so attractive that the effects of short naps began to be studied by serious research centers including Harvard University, the National Institute of Mental Health and even NASA!

The main advantages of the system are:

  • Increased concentration and improved memory
  • Increased physical fitness
  • Lowered stress levels and improved mood

We can achieve similar results in the solarium!

An energy boost and tanning in one – how does it work?

The effect of the 'energy nap' our lamp set achieves as follows:

Green UV lamps, according to the principles of chronotherapy, provide:

  • Soothing effects on the nervous system
  • Regulation of the functioning of the respiratory system
  • Tension reduction and beneficial effects on mental well-being

Classic blue UV lamps:

  • Provide pleasant, soothing heat (especially appreciated on rainy, cooler days!)
  • Give a more beautiful tan after each session – this way, a moment of rest and relaxation also provides a great tan.

Red UV lamps:

  • Responsible for accelerating the metabolism and blood microcirculation. As a consequence there is a better supply of oxygen to the skin.
  • Nourished skin, in turn, repays you with radiance, hydration and elasticity.
  • Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which brings effects in the form of a young, radiant appearance.

In addition, all of the lamps in this set stimulate the synthesis of vitamin D3 - the ingredient responsible for strong bones, immunity and above all, great well-being!

After a short session customers will notice that they look and feel refreshed – inside and out. They will be regenerated and full of vigour.

The idea to repeat the session with 'POWER NAP & TAN' whenever they want a tan combined with an injection of energy will be extremely tempting.

Coffee: 0 – Modern Solariums: 1

I want to try!

If you want to offer customers a new regenerating service and be the first salon in your area to do so - now is the best time. It's so easy!

Contact our team and tell us about the bed you would like to "pimp" with this new set. The exact type and number of lamps can be selected together to suit the parameters of your equipment!

Sample set of lamps:

  • Cosmedico Cosmofit 10K100
  • Cosmedico Premium Line 800 Deep Calm & Tan
  • Cosmedico Premium Line 800 Revitalize & Tan

The result – a more modern look which will make your salon stand out from others - without having to invest in a new bed ... It's all possible :)