refreshing novelty for your tanning salon - a healthy tan from the inside

Recently, silvery fridges with characteristic orange-green bottles have appeared in more and more tanning salons... This is a new proposal for customers looking for supplements accelerating tanning from the inside - Sun Drop shot.

ingredients and taste that attracts

Sun Drop's strength is its composition, with the famous beta-carotene at the forefront - concentrated and ready to work. It does not only beautifully darken the skin, but also protects it from “photoaging” and possible burns. Thanks to green tea and aloe, the shot deeply moisturises skin from the inside and has strong anti-aging effects. The complex of B vitamins, vitamins A and E as well as biotin complement the skin, hair and nails with strengthening and adding shine ingredients, and additionally - it soothes irritations. The rich, nutritious composition combined with the crisp orange flavour create a perfect duo!

shot that will earn money for you

The drink is ready for consumption immediately, without any preparation. And it earns for you - up to several dozen percent of the margin on each bottle! A medium-sized solarium sells approx. 300 shots supporting tanning monthly. We all know that customers are constantly looking for new flavors and active ingredients - without constantly expanding our offer we can lose their interest. Be the first salon in the area that offers its customers a larger than the standard (80 ml instead of 60ml) shot full of natural extracts)! Shots taste best when chilled, so it's best to order them in a promotional set with a handy fridge displaying the product.

who needs a sip of refreshment?

There are so many situations in which Sun Drop will prove to be a great addition to your offer!

Customers will gladly reach for a shot whenever ...

  • they have a moment for themselves (e.g. waiting for a free bed or performing another cosmetic service)
  • they are tired after a long day
  • they have a moment for themselves (e.g. waiting for a free bed or performing another cosmetic service)
  • they are simply thirsty and looking for refreshment
  • they are simply thirsty and looking for refreshment
  • they care about their health and skin condition
  • they will try Sun Drop and then they will just want more!

Sun Drop also works perfectly with solarium cosmetics (accelerators or bronzers) in the field of skin care and moisturising. And after all, well-groomed skin is not only tanned, but also bright, firm and nourished!

The recipe for a satisfied customer who will return to the salon pleased with the results and recommend us to other people is simple:

  • a tasty Sun Drop shot
  • application of your favourite cosmetics
  • session on a tanning bed

... we recommend to repeat the ritual regularly and with pleasure. :)

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