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Rainbow Whisperer, Dark Boss, Free Spirit. Meet the new Inky lotions.

An accelerator to support the effects of hybrid tanning, an advanced dark bronzer and an ultra-hydrating accelerator - these are the new lotions from Inky, which are now available in our shop. To celebrate the launch of the new cosmetics, we have prepared a special promotional package for you at an exceptional price.

New light therapy colours - Rainbow Whisperer - a balm to support the action of hybrid lamps

A complete novelty in the brand's portfolio. Rainbow Whisperer is an innovative lotion which - in addition to accelerating the tanning process - comprehensively supports the effects of hybrid lamps.

Carefully selected ingredients are correlated with the effects of the individual colour lamps:

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Deep bronze in a few moments - Dark Boss

Dark Boss - the Inky brand's way to a deep brown that appears instantly and deepens over time. This is thanks to a blend of selected cosmetic bronzers combined with the action of walnut shell, carrot oil and mango butter. The active melanogenesis complex is responsible for accelerating and prolonging the natural pigmentation process. The manufacturers have not forgotten about skin care either: the youthful appearance and nourishment of the skin are the result of olive oil and sweet almond oil. Phytoplankton and apple extracts provide hydration, elasticity and effectively combat free radicals.

Free Spirit - tanning accelerator for the full of life

Accelerates the tanning process, prolongs the life of the tan, and to top it all off, it’s full of hemp-based hydration and nourishment. That's the Free Spirit tanning accelerator. In addition to an active melanogenesis complex, it has been enriched with hemp oil and aloe vera extract. In addition, the lotion is a great way to combat unwanted cellulite - guarana extract not only protects blood vessels, but also has an anti-cellulite effect! Centella Asiatica extract is responsible for the anti-ageing effects.


Arrows and ixes - how do you tell the difference between tanning speed and multiples?

You will find two parameters on each Inky product package. One is the cosmetic strength expressed in numbers, i.e. the multiplicity, and the other is the tanning speed, marked with characteristic arrows on the lotion labels.

The multiplicity is a parameter depending on the content of ingredients accelerating the tanning process and/or deepening the skin tone (pigmentation activators and bronzing ingredients).

The tanning speed determines the time after which a significant effect of improving or deepening the skin tone is observed.

Therefore, in the case of external pigmentation with bronzers - the effect will be visible immediately or after a few hours (in the case of delayed bronzers) with a slight effect of natural pigmentation (melanogenesis). It may take a little longer to achieve the desired effect with accelerators alone, but it will be more permanent, as the action of accelerators is based on the initiation of the skin's natural pigmentation process.

Unique promotional package

In conjunction with the launch of the three new Inky lotions, we have specially prepared a promotional package at an attractive price for our clients.


When you buy a package of 45 sachets, you will receive 9 sachets free of charge, as well as a unique Inky sachet display.

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Inky - cosmetics with character for solarium tanning

The Inky brand is aimed at young customers who appreciate great cosmetics at good prices. There are currently seven unique lotions in the range. There is sure to be something for everyone.