megaSun P9S designed by Studio Porsche.


A new series of premium tanning beds from megaSun (premiere on May 2nd, 2020!) is first and foremost aimed at making an electrifying impression on Clients. It is to draw attention, fascinate, arouse emotions. Sometimes extreme. For that reason we’ve asked five people what comes to their mind when they first see P9S ‘in action’. . .


There is a similar comment every time! A distinctive bed decoration reminiscent of a great city by night is a distinctive feature of the entire P9 line - it could not have been otherwise with P9S! Over 2400 LED diodes allow to recreate light combinations in the most insane colours and shapes. The whole set includes over 20 ready-made programmes - you can view them here (there’s even the USA flag!).

But quite different lamps are bound to be more appealing for experienced owners of solariums. . . Those hidden in the very centre of news from megaSun. We’re talking about LED lamps that act as face and shoulder tanners (and in the extended version - also leg tanners). What does such a change entail? The manufacturer promises reducing energy consumption by as much as 80% compared to traditional UV lamps, which means that the 120W facial tanner will fulfil the function of the 800W, and the 20W shoulder tanner will replace the traditional 250W. How is this possible? LEDs work only on carefully selected electromagnetic wavelengths in the UV range - the most effective in the context of tanning. In other words: they maximise the tanning effect, while minimising the energy needed for work. The total energy consumption is no more than 12.5 kW - which with the wealth of additional amenities is a truly sensible result. To compare, the Ergoline Prestige LightVision Spectra bed of similar class requires up to 14.4 kW. But savings do not end here: in the case of LEDs, you can also opt for no installation of glass shades, required for high-pressure lamps. Revolutionary changes are also announced in the lifespan of equipment: LEDs are to serve you up to 25x longer, while maintaining all-time high tanning parameters.

However, the difference in operation will be noticed primarily by customers of tanning salons: such a lamp works without generating additional heat. Whether it’s good or bad - opinions on the issue turn out to be very split. Some are irritated and exhausted after a session in the solarium (especially in the case of the face), while for others - it is a proof that tanning will be more effective and the lamps are ‘decent and new’. . . and probably no substantive argumentation will change this impression. Therefore, it is a good idea to get to know the preferences of your regular customers first. It has to be understood that the use of only LED lamps in face tanning is an absolute novelty - previously there were only mixed models (LED + high pressure lamps). The reliability of the new solution will unravel only in the coming years. On the other hand, as the saying goes: ‘He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne’! And while we are on the topic of drinks. . .


Again - this is thanks to the flashing LEDs! But can we also count on the joy and pleasure of use in addition to the stunning glow? As for the bed, the megaSun stuck to well proven solutions from previous premium models such as the MS 8000 alpha Hybrid Deluxe. This makes it perfect for fans of universal, delicate profiling of the bed. However, a problem potentially arises during an attempt to close the lid - where we instinctively look for a handle or even a hand recess. . . Finding it requires some time. A minor, but nonetheless potentially bothersome, drawback to mention.


And rightly so, because there is something to talk about. The bed is equipped with probably all the ‘goodies’ currently available on the market. And so, there is excellent sound quality (Sound System), voice guide, air conditioning, cool breeze and aroma. Of course, there’sBluetooth (which allows you to play your own music) and a very pleasant nod to busy customers – a wireless smartphone charger.

A double control panel is also a convenient solution. The parameters of tanning, the power of air conditioning or breeze can be set by the customer before laying on the bed, thanks to a neat screen placed on the bed cover. It will be appreciated by all those who, at least once in their life, desperately struggled with too much cooling air in the middle of the tanning session, trying to guess the purpose of identical buttons in the dark. . . Ugh, never again!

The settings panel is very intuitive and aesthetic. It provides easy and quick access to maintenance and service settings for salon owners. And that’s not all: the screen still leaves room for creativity! You can display our own advertising clip or a short instructional video (a novelty available only in the ‘S’ variant). It is worth to think of using this space to build a narrative, a special mood that will make a session in the megaSun sunbed something different, more interesting.


In fact, a lot is happening inside the bed as well - thanks to the combination of coloured lamps with wide additional attributes. The pride of megaSun is the SunSphere technology, which features:

  • UVA LEDs that guarantee an optimal radiation dose for direct pigmentation;
  • yellow UVB lamps that provide structure of pigments and synthesis of vitamin D in the skin;
  • BEAUTY red LEDs which take care of skin nourishment and oxygenation - leaving it pleasantly smooth and moisturised.

On top of that, you can choose from among four carefully conceived compositions (you can see the difference in the number of individual types of lamps):

Some sets will provide instant tanning effects (extraSun), others will work more subtly, but with greater care for the comfort and hydration of the skin (beautySun), and others find the right balance between both worlds.


It is impossible to omit when writing about P9S! A great pride of KBL is the fact that the futuristic design of the bed was created in collaboration with the famous Studio F.A. Porsche. The result is a project that evokes some associations with the silhouette of the car, but in a completely different way than, for example, the shiny silver and joyful megaSun 7800. We perceive the P9S as a powerful, stable and respectful machine. It is also considerably wider and higher. A real colossus, filled with as many as 50 lamps, fits perfectly into the current industry trends. The bed is available in three colours: Magic Silver, Wonder White and Copper Rose. Regardless of the shade, at times it creates an impression of being designed primarily to win. . . male recognition.


No doubt - the purchase of a P9S will not go unnoticed. Packed with the latest technologies, with an eye-catching housing and numerous customisation options. Are there any daredevils ready to tame this ‘beast’. . .? :)

By the way - if so, it is worth to think of a larger mirror and a well-thought selection of colour on the walls, as was the case in one solarium in Sarajevo. In the right frame, the P9S will truly spark!

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