8 most frequent questions from tanning salon customers

8 most frequent questions from tanning salon customers

After many conversations with tanning salon owners, we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions by customers.

1. Do you have bronzing lamps?

All tanning lamps in a sunbed have bronzing properties as they emit UVA and UVB radial. Some lamps tan faster and others slightly slower depending on the UV Flux. Remember that collagen devices are equipped with collagen lamps that don’t tan the skin.

2. Do hybrid (coloured) tanning lamps tan well?

Hybrid (coloured) tanning lamps tan very well. The principle is almost identical to that of the classic UV lamps. However, a lot depends on the selected hybrid lamp itself. Please note the higher the UVA Flux, the better the tanning results. You can find this information in the technical data sheet of the respective lamp model.

In the overview below, we show examples of lamp models.

coloured lamps

3. What tanning lotions do you use? Do cosmetics help? Why do I need to apply lotion? When should I apply it?

Every tanning salon offers bronzers (immediate and delayed) which are responsible for gradual and even darkening of the skin colour and tanning accelerators which make the tan appear faster. Both cosmetics are used just before the tanning session. Slightly less popular group of cosmetics for solarium tanning are after tan lotions which, apart from soothing properties, prolong the tan's durability. Apart from ingredients which accelerate, delay or produce an immediate tanning effect, cosmetics for indoor tanning also have conditioning ingredients, e.g. tattoo protection, strong hydration and nutrition as well as anti-aging ingredients.

You can read more about cosmetics for solarium tanning HERE.

4. Why can't drugstore cosmetics be used in a tanning salon?

There are several facts confirming why drugstore cosmetics should not be used in a tanning unit:

  • drugstore products are not tested in such demanding conditions as cosmetics sold in tanning salons,
  • drugstore cosmetics do not work with the materials used for tanning beds e.g. acrylic plates,
  • under the influence of heat, skin rubbed with cosmetics often produces an unpleasant smell,
  • drugstore products may slow down / prevent tanning
  • ingredients of drugstore cosmetics are often cheaper than in cosmetics dedicated to indoor tanning.

You can read more about why you shouldn't use drugstore cosmetics in a tanning salon - HERE. .

5. Do I have to remove my make-up before tanning?

Before tanning, whether indoor or outdoor, you should remove your make-up. UV filters and a layer of titanium oxide, zinc or magnesium form a tight barrier that stops UV radiation. They can be found in the cosmetics that you put on your face - foundations, powders, shadows etc. Leaving make-up on can result in an uneven and unsightly tan. Moreover, it can clog pores and contribute to the formation of blackheads. To avoid this, make sure to remove make-up thoroughly, for example with Make-up remover from 7suns, which cleanses and prepares your skin for tanning.

6. Can I turn off the facial tanning in the tanning bed?

Most modern tanning centres have a panel of high-pressure lamps responsible for tanning the face and decollete, which can easily be switched off before the tanning session begins. If the device doesn't have this option, you can always use a paper towel available in the cabin and cover your face. It's also a good idea to use special creams dedicated for face tanning, e.g. Shine, which helps the tanning process and keeps your skin in perfect condition.

7. Do you see results after the first time?

There's no definite answer to this question, because the speed at which the tan appears depends on the phototype (you can read more about skin phototypes HERE) and proper preparation of the skin. However, the effect can be accelerated by using appropriate lotions. If you apply bronzer containing ingredients responsible for instant tanning, you'll notice immediately.

8. Can I apply Cappuccino Legs all over my body?

Cappuccino Legs is a product dedicated to tanning the "difficult areas", including the legs. The formula of the lotion combines intensively accelerating tanning ingredients with delayed and immediate bronzers, guaranteeing an immediate effect. In addition to its bronzing properties, the lotion also contains many nourishing ingredients, and thanks to the use of an extract from Wax-myrtle Leaves and Flowers Extract, it ensures inhibition and delay in the growth of unwanted hair, which is why it is recommended for the legs.