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Help: my customers are using drugstore products! [free posters]

Cleaning a new, acrylic bed after the visit of a customer smeared with an oil used at home can lead to... some irritation. :) But only remaining calm will save us!

A calm approach is required, and an assumption that such mistakes are not the result of customer malice, but simply lack of knowledge. That means that you, the owner or employee of a tanning salon, have a great influence on reducing such problems. How? There are three key facts worth telling your customers.

fact #1: drugstore products are not tested in such demanding conditions as cosmetics sold in tanning salons

Sunbathing cosmetics are not tested for short and very intensive exposure to UV rays - the conditions present in a tanning salon. This creates some serious problems.

First of all, drugstore products do not work with the materials used for tanning beds, leading to stains that are very difficult to remove or even - to the complete destruction of the tanning bed. It is as if a gas-powered vehicle was filled with diesel. Or - using an ordinary nail polish for a hybrid manicure. This simply doesn’t work! Regular tanning oils and professional lotions used in a tanning salon have completely different recipes and are used for different purposes.

Negative effects are also felt by the customer. Under the influence of high temperatures, the skin lubricated with a drugstore cosmetic often produces a very unpleasant smell.

fact #2: drugstore products may slow down/prevent tanning

Despite the use of correct lamps, customers using the wrong oils will have trouble getting tanning results and will look for a problem in the bed’s parameters. Traditional cosmetics are often equipped with high UV filters. A few or a few dozen minutes of tanning with such a high level of UV protection would be like going for a massage... in a winter jacket. A waste of time and money. It’s completely different with cosmetics dedicated to tanning in a salon - they usually speed up the process of achieving great results!

fact #3: drugstore cosmetics are often cheaper... but not without reason

Considering that they do not provide practically any effects in the context of accelerating the tan, whereby prolonging its durability and improving skin condition, and may even harm... It’s worth paying extra few zlotys to realistically accelerate, deepen and fix your dream tan. Just like a hairdresser often combines a haircut with a nourishing mask and hair modelling, the skin also deserves comprehensive care. Beautiful, even colour but also soft, firm and healthy skin.

What happens next?

You already know all about the advantages of cosmetics offered in a tanning salon over random sun creams from the drugstore! But how to pass these arguments on? In addition to direct conversations with customers, it would also be helpful to have information posted on social media (Facebook, Instagram) and displayed in the salon.

That’s why we have prepared a set of ready-to-use materials for customers.

Free Downloads

Graphics to share e.g. on the Facebook page of your tanning salon.

tanning lotions

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tanning lotions

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Poster (A4) for your customers, to be printed.

Poster #1 [DOWNLOAD]

Poster #1 [DOWNLOAD]