Solarium. Air filters in the sunbed - a beginner's guide, part 3

Solarium. Air filters in the sunbed - a beginner's guide, part 3

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  • What are air filters?
  • What damages the air filters?
  • How to clean air filters?
  • When should air filters be replaced?
  • How much do air filters cost?

For a sunbed to operate efficiently, an effective cooling system is required. This explains why it is vital to have efficient ventilation in the cabins and ensure adequate air circulation. Air filters, which are located inside the device, are also important. Similar air filters are found in cooker hoods, for example.

In the case of devices that suck air from the room, filters are installed to prevent dirt from getting inside the sunbed, which can cause, among other things, a decrease in tanning efficiency due to lower UV radiation and overheating of the device due to dirty, dusty filters.

What are air filters?

An air filter is an indispensable element of a sunbed. It acts as a protective layer that shields the device from excessive dust and dirt.

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What types of solarium air filters are there?

Depending on the sunbed model, we distinguish between sponge and aluminium filters.

What do sunbed air filters wear out from?

Dust and hair are some of the biggest enemies of a sunbed, and filters prevent them from getting inside the device. Let's face it, clouds of dust are not very aesthetic, and you certainly wouldn't want your salon to be associated with them. That's why it's so important to systematically clean them every 2-4 weeks, or more often, depending on the traffic in your salon.

Why should you clean the air filters?

Air filters need to be cleaned since dirty ones will block the airflow into the tanning bed, meaning that more dirt will get inside the unit, which in turn will negatively affect tanning efficiency. In short, dirty air filters lead to less UV radiation in the tanning bed.

How to clean air filters?

Here is how to clean your tanning bed air filters in 3 steps.

  • The air filters in tanning beds are located in various places, so we recommend that you read the unit's manual before removing the filter, and then remove them as recommended.
  • Once removed, gently vacuum them with a hoover, especially if they are sponge filters. Vacuuming sponge filters at high suction levels will ultimately reduce their life as it can damage them by pulling out fibres. Aluminium filters are much more durable, so the vacuum setting does not need to be as low as when cleaning sponge filters.
  • Simply pop them back into place after cleaning.

6. When should air filters be replaced?

Sponge air filters should be replaced according to their wear when they start to disintegrate and/or delaminate, you will find exact information in the instructions, while aluminium filters should not be replaced unless they are mechanically damaged.

7. How much do air filters for a sunbed cost?

Prices of air filters come in a wide range, depending on the sunbed.

8. What are the benefits of regular air filter replacement?

Replacing the air filter is quite expensive, so it is not worth risking a much more expensive and time-consuming repair of the sunbed and exposing your customers to discomfort.

Air filters must get regular care as this allows the bed's ventilation system to work efficiently and results in the bed needing less cleaning as it gets less dirty - less cleaning is always a win.

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