7suns series for men

Special deal - promo code for new tanning lotions Golden Collection

Stylish tanning lotions from the Golden Collection series. 4 bronzers and 1 white tingle (the strongest on the market).

Bundle no 1

Purchase 4 tubes, get 1 free.

Bundle no 2

Purchase 50 sachets and get an additional 10 free.

For both bundles we are giving you an extra 30% off, with code: GC2020.

How to order

Call our sales representive

Aleksandra Lis-Küçük
+48 514 021 041

or order via our e-shop.

Therms and conditions:

  • 20.02.2020 - 09.03.2020
  • you need to have wholesale status (ask our sales representive or apply on website)
  • Boundle no 1:
    bottles 250 ml: x1 American Glamour, x1 Tan Idol, x1 Tan&Glory, x1 Ruby Red, x1 Prom Queen)
  • Boundle no 2:
    sachets: x12 American Glamour, x12 Tan Idol, x12 Tan&Glory, x12 Ruby Red, x12 Prom Queen)