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Stardust - the new glowing bronzer in our shop

Dear Customers! We have prepared a unique opportunity especially for you… test out the new Stardust glowing bronzer from 7suns Cosmetics.

How does Stardust work? What exactly does it do?

Stardust - is a new tanning lotion in the much-loved Golden Collection range from 7suns. It is an advanced instant bronzer with illuminating golden dust particles, the effects of which will be visible immediately after application. The lotion contains, among others, golden algae extract, which guarantees a strong moisturising and anti-inflammatory effect, in addition to its anti-ageing properties. Henna extract and carrot oil ensure a beautiful tan.

Stardust benefits:

  • instant bronzer
  • skin glowing effect
  • anti-ageing effect
  • deep moisturising effect
7suns stardust

Try Stardust

Especially for our customers we have prepared a free package to test Stardust. The package contains 4 sachets.

7suns stardust

Promotion conditions:

  • Login into Maximus Sunbeds.
  • Place your order and the set will automatically be added to your basket.
  • The promotion lasts only till the end of the March.
  • In order to receive the package, you must have the status of a wholesaler in our online store. If you do not have one - please contact our sales representative. One free package per customer.

Golden Collection - for the go-getters

The series was created for exceptional customers who expect a perfect tan and for their skin to be pampered thanks to extraordinary ingredients.

The series includes eight lotions: