Indoor tanning during a pandemic. A guide to running a tanning salon in hard times

We have prepared a practical guide for you that will help you out during this less busy time in your tanning studio. We prepared some guidelines for you. If not all, then certainly some of them can inspire and encourage you to act. Of course the situation is dynamic, so if the government decides to temporarily close all businesses, inc. tanning shops, be ready to do it. But for now…. let’s go!

1. Tell the truth

There is no confirmed information that UV lamps used in solariums eliminate the virus. You can inform your customers about this in social media, while ensuring that you apply increased security standards (more on this below).

Customers will be grateful for honesty and reliable information. It will help you gain their trust. Even if it does not pay off during the crisis, it will definitely affect the overall image of the company in a positive way.

2. Sunbath - a way to handle the crisis

In the period when your customers spend more time at home, when some of them have had to give up their holidays, and the weather is not in our favour, difficult moments will be sweetened by a solid dose of vitamin D during a session in a comfortable sunbed.

Customers now have more time to browse the web. They are more attentive, read more and are more likely to receive emails. During this time, it will be easier for you to reach them via social media and the newsletter to visit the salon. Take advantage of it!

It is worth informing about the benefits of visiting a tanning salon during this time:

  • one session is a powerful injection of vitamin D, or so-called "Vitamin of happiness", increasing immunity and improving mood, much more effective than supplementation
  • reduction of stress associated with limited physical movement
  • increased secretion of endorphins is a charge of positive energy and blissful relaxation
  • beautiful tan after the winter, which will improve self-esteem
  • safety and hygiene are everyday concerns for us

3. Clean like a laboratory

It is natural that we feel the fear of the unknown. So we cannot be surprised at those customers who decided to cancel their visits to the salon during a pandemic. Therefore, it is worth implementing very strict security measures and informing customers about it. Here, too, you have to be honest. There will never be 100% certainty that they will avoid infection, even in the best prepared salon. Tell them about it.

How to secure clients and employees?

Basic measures:

  • wash your hands often
  • provide personnel and clients with hand sanitizer
  • avoid hand to face contact
  • avoid close contact with other people - keep a distance of at least 1 meter
  • prohibit people with signs of infection from entering the salon

Additional measures:

  • install a transparent plate at the reception of the salon, separating the seller from the customer
  • ask clients waiting for an appointment to stay outside the salon
  • avoid cash transactions for contactless card payments
  • regularly clean components touched by customers and staff, such as door handles, light switches, flushing cisterns, etc.
  • offer single-use cosmetics (sachets instead of bottles)
  • clean all rooms twice as often

How to communicate it (suggestions)?

  • publish a short film (up to 40 seconds) in which a tanning salon’s employee shows how you prepare a sunbed
  • publish a photo of security work (e.g. assembly of the separating plate, cleaning sunbed, employees in masks putting hygiene products on shelves) with textual information with details
  • prepare a short guide, e.g. 3 rules for safe tanning during a pandemic (wash your hands, keep your distance, do not touch your face with your hands)
  • use comparisons that will help customers imagine how clean it is in the sunbed, e.g. "clean as a laboratory"
  • think about doing something more than others and communicating "additional cleaning of a sunbed in front of the client before each session".

Worst case scenario

It is difficult to predict further developments, but forewarned is forearmed. In the event of a business operating ban, you should prepare a way to maintain financial liquidity.

One of the solutions can be mail order sales of cosmetics supporting "home tanning", along with professional instructions for use. You can record a movie with your employees who will explain how to get a beautiful tan in your home sun spa using selected sachets or vials, e.g.

Gold & Glow - Tanning elixir
American Glamour - bronzer

Even if such action does not bring dozens of orders, you will be reminded of customers who after the crisis will be happy to come back to you to catch up on tanning.