Tanning lotions in the solarium - what are their superpowers? [free posters]

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Indoor tanning lotions - let's start with the basics!

Let's summarize the basic knowledge about this type of products. They have been designed especially for the needs of sunbed conditions, i.e. short but very intense exposure to UV rays.

  • The basis of almost every modern indoor tanning lotion is usually a strong moisturizing base. Smooth, moisturized skin tans more evenly, with a deeper, more intense colour. What's more, moisturizing makes it easier for UV rays to reach the deeper layers of the epidermis, which means - faster tanning results! Such a tan will also last longer.
  • Most of the indoor tanning lotions are quickly absorbed - so you can apply them just before/after the tanning session, without the unpleasant feeling of "being sticky". However, it must be admitted that in this respect there are significant differences between individual lotion producers. If you especially care about a light consistency, consult our advisors before buying and they will offer you light consistency lotions in every budget!
  • Pleasant fragrances – endless story. From fruity, through floral, sweet aromas like chocolate and those typically masculine, fresh and sea scent. They mask post-solar odour and give great pleasure to use! Often, it is the tempting smell that will be the main incentive to buy (therefore - it is worth taking care of the availability of various samples in this respect).

When to apply them?

The most popular group of cosmetics are those used just before the tanning session: accelerators and bronzers.

Accelerators - thanks to which the tan appears faster. They work together with UV rays.

Depending on the type of product - they can achieve their goal by different methods, relying on different (more or less innovative) ingredients. Examples below:

  • moisturizing ingredients (as you already know - they allow deeper penetration of UV rays) - such a solution is offered by selected Australian Gold cosmetics,
  • complexes of ingredients based on L-Tyrosine and unipertane accelerating the natural synthesis of melanin, i.e. the formation of a tan - this solution is used in the Gold & Glow by 7suns.

Bronzers – they gradually and evenly darken the skin colour. Their action may be based, for example, on skin colouring substances (synthetic or of natural origins, such as henna and caramel). Depending on the ingredients used, they brown immediately (the so-called immediate bronzers) or after a few to several hours (the so-called delayed bronzers - these are usually products with a low DHA content). More about DHA in the next entries - it's a very interesting topic ... The secret of a more durable bronze achieved with a bronzer, without marks and streaks? It's regular exfoliation of the skin with peelings and proper hydration before application.

Of course, there are also products that put together the powers of an accelerator and a bronzer. example

The strength of individual accelerators and bronzers is very different, hence the markings such as 100X, 150X, 400X on the tubes of some cosmetics. Unfortunately, there is currently no single principle of awarding and reading such markings in the tanning industry, common to all brands. Therefore, the numbers on the packaging can only be compared within a given product line/brand.

After-sun lotions are slightly less popular (although very pleasant to use!). They often have the following properties:

  • cooling
  • healing and soothing,
  • increasing the long-lasting tan effect,
  • moisturizing,
  • their fresh aroma additionally masks the characteristic post-tanning odour.

Superpowers for demanding customers

The customers with particular requirements may be offered cosmetics with very specific properties:

  • for those who are concerned about photoaging - products with firming ingredients or antioxidants to prevent wrinkles. example
  • for lighter-skinned customers and beginners - with ingredients that soothe irritation (e.g. hyaluronic acid or green tea). example
  • for fans of a light blush after the sun, enjoyable heat that wraps the skin after the session. Instead of risky, over-prolonging the tanning session - show them a so-called tingle effect lotion! example
  • for people with tattoos - formulas to protect against colour fading. example

Your studio is visited by people with unusual needs - a less popular carnation, a smaller budget, specific wishes regarding the colour of the cream or the fragrance of the cosmetic? There are solutions for them too!

Talk to your cosmetics supplier and don't be afraid to ask, order free samples, catalogues and flyers.

What's next?

You already have a huge dose of knowledge! What can you do with it to increase interest in your cosmetics? In addition to direct conversations with customers, information posted on social media (Facebook, Instagram) and displayed in salons will also be helpful.

That is why we have prepared a set of ready-to-use information materials for customers.

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