Temporary additional energy charge for UV lamps

Temporary additional energy charge for UV lamps

Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you as soon as possible that due to the extreme increase of electricity and gas prices, lamp manufacturers have been forced to introduce additional temporary energy fees.

What this means is that from April 11th, a charge of between 0,30€ and 0,80€ per lamp, depending on the type of lamp, will have to be added to each lamp purchased.

The energy charge is a temporary measure and manufacturers forecast that it will be reduced or abolished in the first quarter of 2023 or sooner.

Detailed information on price increases by lamp type:

  • high pressure and low pressure T12 80W / 100W / 160W / 180W / 200-230W lamps from 0,55€ to 0,80€ net / unit. (depending on manufacturer)
  • low-pressure lamps T5 8W / 15W / 25W from 0,30 € to 0,40€ / unit (depending on manufacturer)

As the UV lamp manufacturers explain, the introduction of the time charge is a last resort and they have held off on taking such a step for as long as they could. The reason for the introduction of the time-based fee is the gigantic increases in energy prices for manufacturers (in some cases up to fourteen times).

The price changes are a consequence of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

On behalf of the manufacturers of salon lamps, we would like to ask for your understanding regarding this situation.

We undertake to keep you informed about any changes in the market situation of lamp producers.

Maximus International