The best adv. in tanning salons

The best adv. in tanning salons

Nothing supports purchasing decisions more than a well-crafted and enticing video. We present you with an idea to modernise your salon, which above all will increase the sale of cosmetics.

The display of advertising material in the cabin creates the ideal conditions for the customer to pay attention, which increases interest in the tanning lotions.

digital screen

Research shows that customers are much more likely to reach for products that are attractively presented in a video than on traditional posters, stickers or static billboards. Ideally, customers need to watch them in the place where they should use them, i.e. in the cabin.

digital monitor


The system consists of 4 modern 10 inch screens which can either be installed in a wall or be placed on a shelf. Each of the screens starts automatically - just plug the device into the socket to start displaying the video. Customers will be shown a looping video encouraging them to use tanning lotions and explaining common doubts:

Our internal research has shown that:

"The majority of customers who don't use tanning salon cosmetics don't buy them because they don't know the difference between them, how they work, and how they aid the tanning process."

That's why we've created a special digital studio offer with dedicated videos that are not flashy advertising, but a customer assistant to help customers get used to the subject of tanning with bronzers and accelerators.

digital display

digital display


The screens have internal memory, SD card reader and USB. The image can be perfectly seen from different angles and the high resolution ensures perfect picture quality. Looped films have large subtitles, making it possible to play films subtly with the sound omitted. The displays are controlled by a radio remote control. They can be installed in the wall of the sunbed cabin or placed loosely on a stand. Their size is ideally suited to the small width and depth of the shelves installed in the cabins.


Over time, we will be publishing more videos for you to use in your salon. Updating your video only requires you to record the new footage onto a USB stick and copy it to your device's internal memory. Therefore, when assembling the screen, please make sure that you can easily access the USB port.


Get €100 off your entire kit. Add a minimum of €150 worth of 7suns or Inky cosmetics to your basket and reduce the price of the kit.

digital monitor