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Vitamin D - perfect for autumn

Many articles have already been written about Vitamin D, which is why we have collected the most important information about it in the article below.

Vitamin D - why is it so important?

Vitamin D is widely used and is essential for proper functioning of our body. It helps, among others in the proper use of calcium and phosphorus, which is responsible for strong and healthy bones and can also prevent hypertension, heart disease, allergies, anemia and diabetes. In addition, it supports the proper functioning of the immune system.

Maintain adequate vitamin D levels in the body

The optimal range of vitamin D content in blood serum is > 30-50 ng/ml. Excess vitamin D can lead to poisoning of the body, oxidation of cell membrane lipids and the formation of harmful peroxides in the human body and calcium can accumulate in tissues, among others, in the heart, which in turn can lead to disorders of the heart, as well as the nerve system. Vitamin D deficiency is dangerous regardless of age. Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include bone and muscle pain, insomnia, rapid fatigue, weakness, as well as a decrease in immunity.

To ensure adequate levels of vitamin D in the body, remember about:

  • exposure to natural or artificial light;
  • adequate nutrient;
  • mental balance;
  • sports;
  • vitamin D supplementation in doses and periods recommended by the doctor.

If you decide to take vitamin D supplementation, check the blood levels first and consult a doctor who will adjust the supplement to your preferences. According to the guidelines of the European Food Safety Authority, adults and seniors with normal body weight should provide 4000 IU per day, especially older people and women during menopause who should take care of the appropriate intake of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is important for the proper functioning of our bodies. It is important to ensure adequate exposure to sunlight, especially in the spring and summer season and to supplement the recommended dose for the remaining months.