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Cosmedico Cosmolux LSR FDA 25W Tanning lamp

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Short Description

  • Immediate tanning effect, long-lasting and deep tanning and shorter time to get a tan

  • longer than average lifespan

  • 25W / 520 mm / 2.1% UVB, 800 hours lifetime

  • UV code 25-R-48/6.8

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Cosmolux LSR FDA 25 W

The Cosmolux LSR FDA Cosmedico Cosmolux is a luxurious sunlight directly from the lamp.

What makes the Cosmolux ​​lamp line unique? Immediate tanning effect, long-lasting and deep tanning and shorter time to get a tan. In addition, the lamps have a longer than average lifespan and only a slight reduction in the level of UV radiation during the entire period of use.

How it's working? The tried-and-tested technology of Cosmedico lamps uses a mixture of luminescent components specially adapted to the intended tanning effect, and the process takes place with the participation of specially designed glass Cosmedico Cosmolux - you can not fit more luxury in a tanning lamp!

Wattage: 25W
UVB/UVA ratio: 2.1%
UV code: 
Electrode type:

Table showing the comparison of all Cosmedico Cosmolux lamps

seria lamp

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Cosmedico
SKU 10332
Series Cosmolux
Lamp power 25 W
Rejuvenating red lightThe red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which improves the elasticity and suppleness of the skin while also making the skin firmer No
Lifetime (hours) 800.00 h
0.3 W/m² standard No
Electrode Type Shortmount
UC code 25-R-48/6,8
UVB/UVA 2.1%
UVA Flux 6
UVA Irradiance 11[mW/cm²]
Length 52 cm


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