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Cosmedico Premium Line 800 Deep Calm & Tan R142 160W Tanning lamp

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Short Description

Deep Calm & Tan

  • green colour

  • extra relaxing effect

  • new idea to attract clients to salons

  • good tanning parameters

  • power: 160 W

  • product life: 800 hours

  • UVA 23 mW/cm2

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Cosmedico Premium Line 800 Deep Calm & Tan R142 160W Tanning lamp

A combination of tanning and a relaxation session. Cosmedico is a brand that has been known for years as the first one to introduce innovative solutions to the market. It shows everyone how to look at tanning from a broader perspective. This time is no different...

An idea for a new service in tanning salons.

Green is a unique lamp colour. In chromotherapy (a colour treatment method that has been known since antiquity), green is a colour responsible for inner peace and gentleness. Green is also regarded by chromotherapy as a colour which:

  • has a soothing effect on the nervous system
  • A lower dose of UVA radiation makes the tanning process more delicate for the skin, but still incredibly effective;
  • regulates the functioning of the respiratory system
  • has a beneficial effect on the heart
  • relieves tension and positively affects mental well-being.

Green is perfect for people who are stressed and live in a hurry.

How to transfer your Clients into a relaxation zone with Deep Calm & Tan lamps?

Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and gain the recognition of your Clients.

  • Tanning + relaxing music
    The sounds of nature will suit anyone. Will you choose the sea or singing birds? Or maybe instrumental music and subtle sounds of the guitar? You can find plenty of free and ready-to-use compositions online! Make sure you create a special playlist for relaxation sessions.
  • Tanning + pampering cosmetics
    When the skin is covered with a nourishing lotion that smells amazing, it will surely boost your Clients’ mood and serve as an opportunity to focus on pleasant bodily sensations (rather than follow racing thoughts). In our shop, you will find cosmetics that not only accelerate the tanning process but also have comprehensive nourishing properties.
  • Tanning + aromatherapy
    You can use in-built sprinklers (breeze and aroma) or take care of a pleasant smell at the very entrance to the salon (thanks to candles or aroma diffusers). A relaxing effect is guaranteed by essential oils made of camomile, lavender and lemon balm. Lemon grass has an invigorating effect, jasmine alleviates fear and marjoram eases sorrow. Mint soothes the nerves and even alleviates the symptoms of depression!
  • Tanning + drink or snack
    A nice finishing touch is a cup of tea (and on hot days cold lemon water), a cookie and a quiet place which will serve as a “buffer zone” between relaxation and everyday duties. This practice, common in Thai massage salons, is appreciated by clients and easy to introduce.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

SeriesPremium Line 800
Lamp power160 W
Rejuvenating red lightThe red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which improves the elasticity and suppleness of the skin while also making the skin firmerNo
Lifetime (hours)800 h
0.3 W/m² standardYes
Electrode TypeShortmount
UV code160-R-142/9,9
UVA Flux-
UVA Irradiance23 [mW/cm²]


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