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Solarium megaSun P9S hybridSun


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  • 34 x max 200 W pureSunlight, 16 x 200 W smartSunlight lamps

  • 4 x SunSphere Facials (max 120W)

  • 2 x SunSphere Shoulders (max 20W)

  • 40 x Beauty Booster HyperRed (décolleté, legs)

  • Maximum power consumption 12,5 kW

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megaSun P9S hybridSun

Based on the motto “Sunshine meets design”, KBL, in cooperation with the Studio F. A. Porsche, has introduced a new era of solarium design with the P9.

With the P9S, KBL is now setting new standards in UV-technology for the face and décolleté. Earlier UV-systems generate unwanted heat during a tanning session as a result of infra-red radiation, which often leads to reddened or tense skin after sunbathing.

The P9S’s innovative LED-based SunSphere system
which avoids this unwanted infra-red radiation and only uses the wavelengths desired during tanning. Homogeneously distributed via aspherical glass lenses. Blue UVA LEDs guarantee excellent direct pigmentation for an immediately visible tan. Red beauty LEDs provide skin care while tanning and yellow UVB special lamps build up pigments and vitamin D.

The perfect spectral combination for an incomparable tanning experience. In addition, the new SunSphere system offers a consistently high LED output, makes high pressure bulb changes unnecessary and drastically reduces your power consumption.

SunSphere Facials
A beautiful tan just the way you like it. 140 blue UVA LEDs guarantee an optimally dosable direct pigmentation of the face and décolleté. The perfectly balanced output from three yellow UVB special lamps builds up new colour pigments and vitamin D in your skin. With 56 red Beauty LEDs, the P9S provides skin care for the face and décolleté even while sunbathing and stimulates the oxygen supply in the skin at the same time. For a beautiful complexion and a silky smooth skin.


SunSphere Shoulders
The new SunSphere system consisting of high-performance LEDs and aspherical glass lenses is also implemented in the shoulder area. A spectral combination that guarantees beautiful complexion. The integrated sound system ensures a brilliant sound experience. And a voice assistant guides through the operating functions.


SunSphere Legs
Particularly for an extra-beautiful tan of insteps and shins, the P9S uses special SunSphere components as a world first. Two groups, each with five angled UVA LEDs and aspherical glass lenses, guarantee excellent tanning results.


The P9S is avaible in a three colour chasis versions: ‘Magic Silver’, ‘Wonder White', ‘Copper Rose’.

p9s futeres


  • 18 x max 200 W pureSunlight lamps (170 cm)
  • 8 x 200 W (max) smartSunlight lamps (170 cm)
  • 4 x SunSphere Facials (max 120W)
  • 2 x SunSphere Shoulders (max 20W)
  • 40 x Beauty Booster HyperRed (décolleté, legs)


  • 16 x max 200 W pureSunlight lamps (190 cm)
  • 8 x 200 W (max) smartSunlight lamps (190 cm)

Maximum power consumption (with AC): 12,5 kW

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer megaSun
Quantity of tubes 50
Lamp power 160 W
Number of lamps in facial tanner 4
Face tanners power 120 W
Lamps in bench 16 x max 200 W pureSunlight, 8 x max 200 W smartSunlight (190 cm)
Lamps side section 4 x max 200 W pureSunlight, 2 x max 200 W smartSunlight (170 cm)
Lamps canopy 14 x max 200 W pureSunlight, 6 x max 200 W smartSunlight (170 cm)
Shoulder tanner Yes
Shoulder tanner type SunSphere LED 2x20W
Neck tanner Yes
Neck tanner type -
LEDs red light Yes
Power Consumption (max.) 12,50 kW
Fuses 3 x 25A
Length 239,00 cm
Width 150,00 cm
Height 199,00 cm
Base acrylic width 82,00 cm
Air condition (climatronic) Yes
Aqua mist Yes
Aroma Yes
Loudspeakers Yes
Voice guide Yes
MP3 player Yes
MyMp3 Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Type of ballasts Electronic adjustable
External fan / air exhaust Option
Small cabine unit No
Year of production -
Additional information Matrix Lightshow, Video Player, Wireless Charging, Sound System, Air Condition, Bluetooth, Intelligent Control System, Aroma
Unit type Lay down


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