vegaz 9200

vegaz 9200

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LUXURA VEGAZ 9200 HIGHBRID achieved absolute mastery in two areas:

  • Effective Tanning
    Definitely the best (strong and even) tanning device in the Premium class.
  • Exceptional Cormfort
    A perfectly profiled, wide base and a very spacious, bright interior - together they create ideal conditions for relaxation.
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An unrivaled favourite of tanning salon customers:
  • amazing tanning comfort during the session: exceptionally wide and perfectly profiled base. This very spacious interior gives you not only more space to the sides, but also above you. Thanks to this, all customers can relax freely.
  • beautiful interior: with an elegant backlight and a very aesthetic touch control panel;
  • deep, even tan;
  • facial tanners that give the best bronzing and skin care effects at the same time. This is due to the UV LED Tanning booster - an innovative solution which is unique to the market. It is a hybrid combination of standard "high pressure" technology with UV LED lamps and red light.
Willingly chosen by tanning studio owners:
  • energy-saving solution: thanks to the use of new generation electronic chokes (IP Control2);
  • one of the most trouble-free and problem-free tanning bed models;
  • UV power adjustment up to 200W;
  • rich premium equipment - Qsens and Xsens (aroma and breeze), air conditioning, UV Led Tanning Booster, high-end audio system, with the ability to play MP3 files and Bluetooth connection.
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Maximus Solaria was founded in 2001
Currently, it is a thriving enterprise as an authorised distributor of the most well-known brands in the solar industry - KBL, Cosmedico, Wolff System, Luxura and Sunmax. But Maximus is not only one of the largest suppliers of tanning equipment and equipment for tanning salons - we also offer a professional service, not only in Europe, but virtually in every corner of the world.

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