If you decide to buy pre-owned sunbeds from our offer, you can be sure that it will be one of your best decisions. You will receive a sunbed in which all our team put in not only hours of work, but above all, their hearts. Our internal procedures, developed over many years of activity, ensure the solariums leaving our warehouse are perfectly prepared not only visually, but above all technically - 100% efficient, free from defects and ready for action.
Reconditioned Sunbeds

Why Maximus ?

Price is one of the most important factors influencing the decision to buy a preowned tanning bed. However, the real value of such equipment is it being failure-free, which guarantees you peace of mind and the possibility of offering a continuous service - without unnecessary downtime and financial losses. When checking the technical condition, we control all components, including electronics, which is the most common cause of faults.
The detailed approach combined with our knowledge and experience means that we avoid the most common mistakes and guarantee efficient operation of the equipment. Both for us and for our clients, visual values are of particular importance. We paint about 95% of all used equipment we sell - not because the sunbeds require it, but because it is our standard.

Your active participation in the process of preparing your sunbed will allow you to enjoy it even more. That is why we want you not only to choose its color, but also features such as LED backlight, speakers, Bluetooth, lamps and others, all of which are important for your customers. Set up your device exactly the way you want it!


Our knowledge, many years of experience, qualified personnel, professional equipment and the latest software means that we offer you the highest quality reconditioned sunbeds and we guarantee that they will work without any problems. Details of warranty can be discussed with our Sales Representatives.