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Sunbed Hapro Luxura VEGAZ 9200 Intelligent

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Brand new solarium.

  • Tubes: 52 x Premium Intelligent E-Power 100/200 W

  • Face tanner: 4 x 520W + HPS filterglass

  • Shoulder tanner: 2 x 240W

  • Features: Bluetooth, Smartvoice, Ambient FlowLight, My Luxura portal, ContourPlus, EasyLift, Shoulder tanner+, IP Control 2, Climate Control, Qsens, Xsens III

  • Country: Netherlands

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Luxura VEGAZ 9200 Intelligent

Brand new solarium.

The Luxura VEGAZ is superb in both design and dimensions! Every single detail of this premium product is well considered, newly designed and perfectly amplifies the other details.

Innovative light technology, breath-taking design and sensational quality – that is VEGAZ. Technical development resulted in an amazing efficiency. Smart innovations upgraded the well appreciated features, such as Sound-Around with Bluetooth, Climate Control and IP Control 2. VEGAZ is MEGA, by maximum in terms of seize, as well by maximum performance.

VEGAZ 9200 is available in three different versions: Highbrid, Ballance and Inteliigent . Each one is well-equipped and moreover gives you opportunity to choose from wide range of options – to give your clients even more luxury while tanning.

All of VEGAZ models are available in 3 different colours with big, full colour display, adjustable face & body coolers, Quickstart function, ergonomically formed Surface and Smartvoice in Standard option.

Premium Maxlight

Lamp innovation is taken to a higher level with Maxlight PREMIUM lamps, which are pioneering in every way. Thanks to the use of special blue phosphor, PREMIUM lamps create a deep blue light within an inventive light spectrum with optimum UVA and UVB balance. This results in an extraordinary intense pigmentation. In addition, Maxlight PREMIUM lamps produce a technically superior UV balance over the entire length of the lamp, for a beautiful evenly tan.
VEGAZ combines the innovative Maxlight PREMIUM Blue lamps with PREMIUM Red lamps, combining intense tanning with a touch of skin care. The light spectrum and positioning of the blue and red lamps are perfectly matched to ensure a beautiful, intense tan.

IP Control 2

This Intelligent Power Control system guarantees the optimal UV exposure, as prescribed by EU regulations, throughout the entire lifespan of the lamps. IP Control extends the lifespan of the lamps and ensures consistent optimum output throughout the entire life cycle. Besides that, the new IP Control 2 system makes it possible to control each lamp individually, so lamps which are farther from the body are supplied with more power to compensate for the distance. This ensures that every part of the body receives the same 0.3 W/m2 of UV exposure. Moreover, this results in energy savings of up to 25% for the operation of the lamps.


UV-LED Tanning Booster
VEGAZ definitely owns the world premiere of UV-LED technology for high end tanning beds. Especially developed for a massive increase in performance in the decisive light spectrum. The VEGAZ UV-LED TANNING BOOSTER sets a totally new level of facial tanning: an immediately visibly and improved tanning effect. An additional unique feature of this technical innovation: the LED light is distributed completely evenly and optimally through the facial area, thanks to a unique reflector housing. . It also includes red 630nm LEDs to achieve superior tanning results, here too with a bit of extra skincare.

The smart Bluetooth system allows tanners to easily connect their own smartphone or small tablet to the sound system for great audio experiences. This way they can instantly play their own music while tanning. No cables needed ¬ simply play & tan.

SmartVoice, just say it. A friendly voice to talk you through the menu options. The icons in the display are clear, but sometimes you just want a bit more information. SmartVoice explains the various features and acts as your tour guide during this mini-break in the sun. SmartVoice is only available in combination with SoundAround. Hello operator. SmartVoice's unique technique is integrated in the SoundSystem. Clearly intelligible guides a friendly voice the tanner through the tanning session. SmartVoice is available in 17 different languages, which gives your client the opportunity to be served in his home language

Ambient FlowLight
The fading colour flow with a nearly inexhaustible range of colours provides an extra sense of atmosphere. In the inside, the Ambient FlowLight control panel changes colours too for a perfect admosphere between and during tanning sessions.

My Luxura portal
Thanks to the smart innovation of a unique new online-interface, wireless communicate with VEGAZ is the new standard. Alongside software updates, the myLuxura online-portal, expecially developed for this purpose, makes a great deal of data available within a secure log-in area. This is of the invaluable worth for service questions, problem-free operational use and analysis. All significant data is ready to be downloaded immediately after unit diagnosis. Available wherever you are, your data is presented in a clear overview of stats. Simply access the data online or by using local W-LAN.

Optimum relaxation is standard while tanning on the Luxura X10. We enabled this relaxation with thanks to the ergonomic acrylic shields. This feature supports your full body in an ergonomic way. Made by high-quality acrylics, ContourPlus offers a strong and hygienic base, which allows optimal tanning in a comfortable position.

  • 8 steps adjustable body cooler
  • 8 steps adjustable face cooler
  • Quickstart function
  • Dust filters

The EasyLift system makes it easy to carry out routine maintenance with the easy lifting of bench acrylic sheet.

Full colour display 
Discover the unique full-colour display. It’s eye-catching and makes you want to navigate through its options at once. Smooth, stylish design with truly intuitive handling. Smart Touch menu with easily understandable icons. Different tuneable features to choose from. Within easy reach on the inside of the canopy and well-protected by the acrylic sheet. Very bright - can be read easily, also with protective sunglasses on.

Shoulder tanner+
The shoulder tanning unit at the head end of the VEGAZ tanning tunnel, ensures perfect performance for this area of the body and is supplemented by another visual and functional highlight: the neck reflector area.

IP Control 2
The Intelligent Power Control system guarantees the optimal UV exposure, as prescribed by EU regulations, throughout the entire lifespan of the lamps. IP Control extends the lifespan of the lamps and ensures consistent optimum output throughout the entire life cycle. Besides that, the new IP Control 2 system makes it possible to control each lamp individually, so lamps which are farther from the body are supplied with more power to compensate the distance. This ensures that every part of the body receives the same 0.3 W/m2 of UV exposure. Moreover, this results in energy savings of up to 25% for operation of the lamps. 

Climate Control
Climate Control allows you to set your preffered temperature - you can set the temperature a little higher at the beginning of the session and reduce the temperature as the sunbed heats up. The temperature inside the unit will always be optimal no matter if it is cold or hot outside.

Qsens, a refreshing cooling spray. For a completely natural cooling experience (as an optional addition to the innovative ventilation system), Qsens sprays a refreshing water mist onto the tanning body. The fine water mist gives exactly the subtle cool you want and creates true enjoyment during the tanning session. Two nozzles are optimally integrated along the length of the canopy (one at the foot and one head end). They spray the body evenly with a fine mist of water. The water reservoir is neatly incorporated into the sunbed, and can easily be topped up via the liftable bed.

Xsens III
Xsens III scintillates your senses with a choice of 3 beautiful scents. Thanks to this function your tanning session will be also aromatic journey.You can choose from 3 different fragrances: Ocean, Blossom or Sandelwood.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hapro Luxura
Number of lamps 52
Lamp power 100-200 W
Face tanner lamps 4
Power of facial tanners 520 W
Bench lamps 20 x Premium intelligent E-Power 100/200 W
Lamps in the side section 7 x Premium intelligent E-Power 100/200 W
Canopy lamps 25 x Premium intelligent E-Power 100/200 W
Shoulder tanner Yes
Type of shoulder tanner 2 x 240W
Neck tanner Yes
Type of neck tanner Reflex
LEDs red light Yes
Power consumption 15,00 kW
Fuses 3 x 32A
Lenght 224,00 cm
Width/depth 154,00 cm
Height 187,50 cm
Bench width -
Air conditioning Yes
Breeze Yes
Aroma Yes
Speakers Yes
Voice guide Yes
mp3 player Yes
Function MyMp3 Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Type of ballasts Electronic adjustable
External fan / air exhaust Yes
Small cabine unit No
Year of production --
Additional information ---
Type of sunbed Lay down


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