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Are you curious about how much you can sell your sunbed for? Are you thinking of exchanging it for better quality and more attractive one for your Customers? Do you need reliable, trouble-free equipment covered by the warranty? Contact us and briefly tell us about your current tanning bed (model, condition, any defects). And ... that’s all!

Quick and free of charge quote, disassembly & pickup from anywhere, and, of course, professional consulting when choosing a new equipment (tailored to your plans and budget) - we will take care of all this for you!

The sunbeds leaving our warehouse are perfectly prepared not only visually, but above all technically – they are 100% functional, free from defects, ready to work and covered by a one-year warranty.

Even if you are not sure which exact bed model do you have - together we will find the answer. The quote is always free of charge or obligation. Check it out by yourself!

It's easy - contact a sales representative from your region and change your salon for better:

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