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Sunmax Red Rave 160W 2.5% Tanning lamp

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Short Description

  • A unique combination of red light and UV rays

  • 160W 1.8M premium class shortmount tanning lamp with high bronzing properties

  • UVB/UVA Ratio 2.5%

  • Visible rejuvenation & Heat Up! effect 

  • 800 hours recommended lifetime

  • UV code 160-R-129/7.6

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Sunmax Red Rave 160 W

Red Rave - Turn up the tan!

Power: 160W
UVB/UVA Ratio: 2.5%
UV Code:
Electrode Type:

*Red effect:
** Tanning effect:

Red Rave is a new tanning lamp with a unique spiral shape. But it is more than just a classic lamp: it not only provides a beautiful and long-lasting tan, but also offers more biopositive advantages.

For the first time, the combination of red light and UV rays does not result in a reduction of tanning properties. Through the use of innovative technology and the selection of more favorable wavelengths, we present a lamp that will not only provide a unique golden tan, but will also make our whole body function better.

The light emitted by Red Rave lamps has exceptional rejuvenating properties and reaches the deep layers of the skin. Studies have shown that light with a wavelength of 405-440 nm reaches up to 2.5 mm deep in the skin, so it can regenerate damaged skin cells, improve metabolism and blood microcirculation: the skin is better oxygenated, purified of toxins faster, wrinkles are visibly shallower and irregularities are smoothed out.

The special shape of the lamp allows for an additional heating effect. It makes the muscles relax during the tanning session, so you feel truly refreshed! In addition, red light promotes the secretion of endorphins, making you feel even happier and more excited after each tanning session. The wide range of Red Rave lamps allows you to adjust the best lamp for your device. Red Rave lamps also comply with the European standard of 0.3 W/m2.

Why Red Rave?

  • A unique combination of red light and UV rays, without affecting tanning properties
  • Intense, long-lasting, and truly golden tan
  • Visible rejuvenation: wrinkles are smoothed out and the skin is more radiant
  • The heating effect provides you with more endorphins to make you feel happy
  • Improvement of cellular metabolism and blood circulation for a better functioning body
  • Attractive and eye-catching design of the lamps

Table showing the comparison of all Sunmax Red Rave lamps

Additional Information

Additional Information

SeriesRed Rave
Lamp powerNo
Rejuvenating red lightThe red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which improves the elasticity and suppleness of the skin while also making the skin firmerYes
Lifetime (hours)800.00 h
0.3 W/m² standardNo
Electrode TypeShortmount
UV code160-R-129/7,6
UVA Flux-
UVA Irradiance29 [mW/cm²]


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