Vertical solarium Hapro Luxura V8 48 XL Highbrid

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Brand new solarium.

  • Lamps: Premium Intelligent E-Power 100/200W (36 blue + 12 red)

  • Features: Ambient FlowLight, IP Control 2, SoundAround Plus, Bluetooth

  • Country: Netherlands

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Luxura V8 48 XL Highbrid

Brand new vertical solarium with Sound Around Plus audio system.

The new Luxura V8 has a dazzling design that illuminates from the beautiful top to bottom. The smooth, high-quality finishing – with no visible fastening materials – emphasizes it’s stylish appearance. Just like the special Ambient FlowLight changes colours smoothly for an attractive glow of light that complements the splendid design. This feature gives the V8 the appearance that fits your salon ambience and cabin perfectly!  more details

Standard Features:

Ambient FlowLight
The fading colour flow with a nearly inexhaustible range of colours provides an extra sense of atmosphere.

luxura v8

Admo experience control panel
Discover the state-of-the-art Ambient FlowLight control panel and see how easy tanning preferences are managed. Unique design, enlightened trendy graphics and Ambient FlowLight, clear icons for all the preferences, intuitive navigation through smart touch control well-protected by the acrylic sheet

luxura v8

IP Control 2
This innovative solution provides energy savings of up to 25%. Increases lamp life and ensures consistent, optimal performance throughout the whole cycle.

red & blue light
The combination of blue and red lamps allows for the perfect balance of UVA and UVB, and also stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and additionally increases the production of endorphins. Premium lamps enhance the process of direct pigmentation by up to 10-20% and generate light in the full UVA range.

SoundAround Plus
SoundAround Plus, for more music. In addition to SoundAround Basic, the SoundAround Plus package offers two additional internal channels with pre-installed SD cards with relax music and energetic music. You can also use the SD cards to program your own music.

The smart Bluetooth system allows tanners to easily connect their own smartphone or small tablet to the sound system for great audio experiences. This way they can instantly play their own music while tanning. No cables needed, simply play & tan.

  • Dust filters
  • 1 hour counter non-resetable
  • 1 hour counter resetable
  • 3 steps adjustable body cooler
  • Stand­by inside lighting
  • Internal timer

Optional Features:

Xsens, spoil your customers with fragrances With Xsens, a fragrant scent is wafted though the tanning tunnel via the ventilation system. The choice of Ocean, Blossom and Sandelwood fragrances brings the sun worshipper an extra dimension during the tanning session. Xsens can easily be activated by the user or stopped via the central control panel Aroma. The touch of aroma while tanning intensifies the experience for the tanner. Dream away with the exotic fragrances and the memory of holiday sun. Catch the fresh smell of the ocean or reload yourself with the pleasing scent of blossom. The delicious aromas definitely increase the wellness experience.

Qsens, a refreshing cooling spray. For a completely natural cooling experience (as an optional addition to the innovative ventilation system), Qsens sprays a refreshing water mist onto the tanning body. The fine water mist gives exactly the subtle cool you want and creates true enjoyment during the tanning session. Two nozzles are optimally integrated along the length of the canopy (one at the foot and one head end). They spray the body evenly with a fine mist of water. The water reservoir is neatly incorporated into the sunbed, and can easily be topped up via the liftable bed.

  • Changing Room
  • Glamour Edition
  • Wooden handle
  • Vibraplate

*The platform is installed in place of the Luxury V8 floor. During the tanning session, vibrations of varying strength mobilize the muscles of the entire body to be active in order to maintain an upright posture. The skin becomes better supplied with blood with each session, and thus - nourished and tense. Vibration power can be easily adjusted to your preferences, thanks to three programs to choose from:

  • wellness (relaxation and relaxation)
  • slim (firming)
  • fitness (muscle challenge)

hapro luxura

Additional Information

Additional Information

ManufacturerHapro Luxura
Number of lamps48
Lamp power100-200 W
Face tanner lamps0
Power of facial tanners0 W
Bench lamps---
Lamps in the side section---
Canopy lamps---
Shoulder tannerNo
Type of shoulder tanner---
Neck tannerNo
Type of neck tanner---
LEDs red lightNo
Power consumption10,10 kW
Fuses3 x 20A
Lenght126,00 cm
Width/depth127,00 cm
Height235,00 cm
Bench widthNo
Air conditioningNo
Voice guideYes
mp3 playerYes
Function MyMp3Yes
Type of ballastsElectronic adjustable
External fan / air exhaustOption
Small cabine unitYes
Year of productionbrand new
Additional informationVibra
Type of sunbedVertical


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