If you are business customer, such as solarium studio, beauty salon etc - after registration - you are entitled to purchase products from us in wholesale prices. Please note that the user who is not logged in or retail customer will not see wholesale prices, they will see retail prices only.


    How to become Wholesale Customer?


1. Register in our shop using registration form

2. Confirm/Check statement that you “Run a studio...”

3. Provide all your business details including registered address and your VAT id.

If you are"VAT registered in an EU member state" and you provide correct VAT id, you will be able to purchase products in net prices (without VAT)*

After you register with us, please allow up to 24h to be given Wholesale Customer status. Our team is to verify your details. Please expect email message informing you about your new status. From then on, you will see wholesale prices, additionally you will be able to see suggested end prices on most of the products.


      Why to register?

  • Get access to wholesale prices on most of the products

  • Get access to even more products, as some of the products with their prices are visible to wholesale customers only

  • Request special conditions, individual pricing and discounts versus your spend


    Customer Support

Please contact us if you need any help using the shop, we will always be happy to assist you. If there's anything you cannot find in our shop, please let us know, we may consider adding the product for you. We want you to be satisfied with our comprehensive offer and quality of our services.

* it refers to customers registered in EU, except for Poland.