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What does Vitamin D and young Arnold Schwarzenegger have in common? [find out now]

You certainly know a lot about the importance of vitamin D for your health and well-being. You can also find a summary of information on this topic here. It turns out that strong bones, good sleep and improved immunity... are just the beginning of its amazing properties!

Training only with vitamin D?

According to numerous studies, vitamin D has a very positive effect on muscle strength. And we’re not talking about looking like the title young Arnold Schwarzenegger (unless that’s what you want :)). Muscle strength directly translates into general physical performance - agility, speed, motor coordination... It's useful every day, to unscrew a jar or maintain balance in a crowded bus. The proper muscle strength also means less risk of injury, unnecessary pain and trouble.

During the sunny months it is much easier to naturally maintain a high concentration of vitamin D in the body - its skin synthesis occurs under the influence of UVB. It has been found that in the summer, when the days are longer, muscle strength builds up faster. During the winter months when there is little sunshine, the level of vitamin D in the body drops to just a tenth of that in summer(!). It is also much more difficult to achieve sport or fitness success. Why does this happen? Vitamin D is involved in the formation of type II muscle fibres. These are the so-called fast-twitch fibres, intended for big and intensive effort. According to studies, an appropriate supplementation of vitamin D is able to increase muscle strength by up to 20%!

Does a tanning bed also have this ability?

Does this mean that physical performance can be improved... through a tanning bed? Good news - the answers to this question have already been sought by scientists, and the results of their work are very promising!

An interesting study was conducted at the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz, in cooperation with the Institute for Performance Diagnostics and Sport Traumatology. 28 athletes took part in the tests – both amateurs and professionals. They were divided into three groups, according to their level of vitamin D deficiency. Each group received different recommendations concerning the frequency of using tanning beds. The length of each session was adjusted to the skin tone and preferences of the test subjects. For the curious - details below.

level of vitamin D deficiency



vitamin D level within the normal range

recommended frequency of tanning sessions

at least twice per week

at least once per week

at least twice per month

The experiment lasted three months. What was the result?

  • the level of vitamin D increased in all (!) respondents - from over 64% of the group members who had problems with deficiency, to only less than 11%!
  • the participants’ regenerative capacities increased. There was also an indirect increase in physical performance, i.e. the ability to undertake physical effort (even long-term or heavy), without feeling extreme tiredness.

Tanning bed = effective and stable effect

Why is this method used to increase the level of vitamin D among subjects? Why was it recommended to visit a tanning salon instead of supplementing vitamin D with pharmaceuticals or changing the diet? There are several reasons.

  • The absorption of vitamin D from food is minimal (10-20%). As much as 80-90% of vitamin D is formed in skin under the influence of sunlight (or a tanning bed). UVB rays play a particularly important role in this respect. What’s interesting, is that the light that peeks through the windows of houses and offices does not help to obtain vitamin D. A glass barrier absorbs the UVB rays and prevents them from working on the skin.
  • Visits in a tanning salon are easier to plan and repeat on a regular basis, regardless of the weather or time of day.
  • In a tanning salon almost 100% of the body is exposed to UV rays.

Share your knowledge with your customers

Recent large observational data have suggested that about ~40% of Europeans are vitamin D deficient. The popularisation of effective methods of improvement is crucial. Tanning salons have an important role to play here.

Do you want to share your knowledge with the customers of your tanning salon?

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vitamin d

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vitamin d

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